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Meal Prep April 3rd 2016

I was in the GTA this weekend for the SAF Spring Spectacular!  Once again on the judging panel which is not an easy job but so fun. I love seeing so many women committed to a healthy lifestyle.The thing I like best about saf is that we really look for a healthy look on stage. Not too skinny or too lean. Not gaunt of dry (dehydrated). A really healthy and full fresh face and physique. That’s the kind of physique show I can represent. I just cannot get behind the “do anything to get to the stage” mentality, it’s so detrimental long-term.

This is a photo of the fist place winners in all three categories, Fitness Model, Athletic Swimsuit Model and Bikini Model. How stunning are they!? Not your typical “bodybuilding” show. This is more of a pageant + Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show + fitness.

fitbeauties! SAF Spring Spectacular Winners 2016
fitbeauties! SAF Spring Spectacular Winners 2016

Anyway so we drove there and back and my gut isn’t entirely happy about that today. I haven’t quite got my travel/restaurant situation sorted out yet concerning my gut health. When I was diagnosed with celiac over 25 years ago it took quite a while figure out how to eat when not at home but I eventually got really great at it and I’m sort of in the same boat again since the flare up I had that happened from the parasite fiasco of  2014/2015.

It’s not that I don’t know what to eat or how to pack food for travel because between competing and having celiac, I’ve done that for ages and pretty much mastered it. It’s more to do with the actual travel itself. Sitting for long periods like the car ride to Toronto and back are tough on my digestion and cause discomfort. Combine that with eating at restaurants who unfortunately to cannot seem to accommodate simple gluten free and dairy free requests very well (a fail for Moxies 🙁 ), it’s a bit tough.

It’s not the end of the world though and I’m pretty savvy at navigating the menus and packing a cooler   so it wasn’t too bad but not great. I’ll need to work on figuring out a good plan. I had it so figured out with all the travel I was doing before this flare up and I’m hoping with a few tweaks to my planning and with my gut continuing to heal and recover I’ll get it all sorted out.

In the meantime I was a bit extra tired today and would have loved to skip meal prep but actually it’s even more important I have tummy friendly (and macro friendly) options ready for the week so I finally got to it this afternoon.

I have been craving salmon for more than a week. I’m not sure why but that’s somethign I try and tune into and honour. I’ve really wanted a nice piece salmon and salad for a few days and couln’t seem to get it while away so I finally picked some up today and roasted it in the oven. I had a piece for lunch with a super fresh crunchy salad and my favourite lemon garlic dressing from Farm Boy. That dressing is so good and because of it I may never need to make my own again ;P

I made enough salmon for another 3 days worth of lunches that I’ll have with spiralized zucchini and an apple for dessert. Fuji are my favourite! Macros for that meal come in at about 30P/20C/10F. Without the apple the carbs are really low, like 4 grams so that would be good for a low carb meal.

I’m feeling pretty satisfied these days with my macros at 120g protein, 185g carbs and 50g fat. I’m in no way dieting and at my leanest, in fact I’m at my heaviest I’ve been in a while but it’s a strong and as we call “thick fit” ;P kind of heavy that’s all for a good cause and not without a plan. If you missed it, I posted an article about reverse dieting this past week, you can read it here.

Because my digestion is still a bit sensitive today after the trip I really focused on making what I know works for me so breakfast will be my Apple Sage breakfast sausages (using really tasty organic chicken which makes a difference in the taste and texture of these) with sweet potato slices that I eat like toast with peanut butter. I know, weird, but so good when you are avoiding grains like I am at the moment. Macros for that breakfast are 20P/30C/10F

Post morning workout will be a smoothie combo that includes fruit, leafy green veggie and protein using coming in around 25P/30C/3F. I’ll also probably have a piece or two of crystallized ginger which I’m loving post workout these days. That brings my carbs up enough post work out to hit my targets.

I made a sort of picadillo type dish for my hubby with ground turkey, spices, red pepper, onion garlic and fresh corn and peas. He’ll have that with rice and hardboiled eggs. It’s a very South American inspired combo that he likes and works well for his lunches.

I’ve also got bone broth simmering using a collection of the chicken carcasses and vegetable peeling/scraps from this past weeks meals. I just throw them in the freezer until I’m ready to simmer and strain for broth.

Dinners will include the usual things like roast chicken, trout, steak, salads and butternut squash, yuca and sweet potato fries and chips and of course room for a few treats like coconut milk ice cream. Just a little every day and that makes me happy. It’s really amazing how the feeling of needing to overeat treats goes away when you just have some every day. I’m serious, it disappears. Moderation and balance peeps (and flexible dieting), it’s awesome.

If I have more energy after this post I’ll also make my lemon poppy seed protein loaf for the hubster. It’s his favourite of my baked protein goodies. He recently lost a needed 10 pounds in 2 weeks after I tweaked his lunches a bit. That boy would love to eat cheesecake and burgers all day. Hahah.

Ok I think that’s it!

Hope you are well and feeding your body with everything is needs!


Meal Prep
Meal Prep