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Meal Prep August 14th 2016

Hi! I had a lovely weekend, you?

I’m finally feeling good enough to eat and cook and workout so I’m a happy girl. That pregnancy nausea is nasty!

I’m heading out to my little birthday party with my fam this afternoon so I got most of meal prep done this morning. Now that the nausea has subsided I’m trying to revert back to my bigger meals less often approach rather than little snacks all day. I wrote a post about why that’s better and it is except when you are trying to manage feeling sick, then small meals are better. I suppose that’s part of nutrition – understanding what you need and when and knowing how to change things.

So anyway with less snack and bigger meals I find I have less cooking to do which is cool. I’m also working to make sure I get a variety of nutrients and tastes and that I listen to my body and work with what foods I desire. This takes practice and is basically intuitive eating but combined with tracking so I know I’m getting enough protein, fats and carbs (and vitamins etc).

I’ve been loving tomato sauce lately so I made a big batch of that using 2 packages of extra lean ground turkey (1015 grams) and 2 bottles of a tomato basil and kale organic sauce I really like. The ingredients are so good, nothing added I wouldn’t add in my own sauce and it is really tasty. This is the quick ass way to make a delicious sauce without slaving 😉

I figure hubby and I will eat this for lunch for at least a few days. I’ll have zucchini noodles and he will have gnocchi or zucchini. Both cook up really quick and are good for reheating at work. I don’t find pasta noodles reheat or keep well. I’ve got lasagna on the brain and was going to do that but was missing ingredients and decided to postpone that one.

I made a variety of grains. I made a pot each of quinoa, buckwheat and basmati rice. I plan to use  some/most of the quinoa and buckwheat in a salad (recipe inspired from this book) with cucumber, radish, green onion, carrot fresh mint and toasted cashews. I’ll toss this in  dressing when I go to eat it but I’ll pre-make it later so it’s easy to grab when I want it. I’ll probably have this with chicken or salmon depending on what I’m in the mood for and likely after work on the nights my hubby comes home later (or mid afternoon if I can’t make it that long – still testing this non nausea thing 😉 ) . I keep my raw cashews (and all nuts) in the freezer for freshness and then just toast in the oven when I want them a little crunchier.


I made a nice recipe I found in the Alive Magazine for wild berry and cardamom blondies make with almond flour. They are delicious! I was originally thinking I’d make my Raspberry Oat Bars but these called to me. I am planning to attempt adding oats back in though so I will be making those bars, maybe even later this week.

Yum! Wild berry cardamon blondies
Yum! Wild berry cardamon blondies

The other thing I did was roast a whole chicken. I’ll use it in my salads and depending what you want to make it’s cheaper than just buying chicken breasts especially if you use all the parts.

Last night we had salmon, sweet potato fries and said for dinner and I have some salmon lest so I’ll eat that like I mentioned. I always try to make more than one meal at a time whenever possible. I used this delicious Poblano Maple hot pepper coulis for the salmon. It’s Canadian and the ingredients are awesome. Found it at Whole Foods yesterday.

yum and Canadian :)
yum and Canadian 🙂

I’ve got asparagus, and lots of fresh veggies for salads for dinners. I’ve also got lots of fresh fruit. Berries, peaches, nectarines, plums, bananas, watermelon, cantaloupe and grapes. Yes!

It seems that smoothies are tolerable again – thank goodness so I’ll have those for breakfast. If not it will be ham and goat cheese on a GF bagel or I’ll attempt oatmeal! I love and miss oats so hopefully my body is happy to see them.

Ham and cheese on GF bagel
Ham and cheese on GF bagel

That’s it! I’ll portion them out, at least for tomorrow, later.

Happy Sunday!


Meal Prep
Meal Prep