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Meal Prep August 1st 2016

I like to meal prep in the late afternoon on Sundays (or holiday Mondays 🙂 ) so that I make dinner at the same time. This saves me from having to cook and clean the kitchen more than necessary. The cleaning part is not my favourite and my hubby would say not my forte either 😛

Ok so now that you all know about my preggie condition (my hubby calls me preggie lol) I can explain a little about recent meal preps. They have been brutal! Ha! The food aversions make me not want to cook (or eat) anything and the fatigue makes be a zombie. I’ve had a hard time pulling it together the last few weeks and often I don’t end up wanting to eat what I made anyway because when the time comes for lunch my appetite is wacky.

The thing is is actually feel better when I eat, especially when it’s a good, well balanced meal that includes protein fat and carbs. I know this so I do my best to get the food into me. Sometimes I end up at FarmBoy buying lunch (or breakfast) but that’s ok with me.

This week my appetite has been improving and I’ve moved from wanting mostly fruit to wanting more starchy carbs and I’ve been working to add some variety like grains back in. I had been avoiding so many things because I was following the autoimmune protocol (and elimination diet) but if I can tolerate the variety it’s better for baby. I’m not entirely sure I can tolerate it well yet though so still testing. Our immune system is suppressed when we are pregnant and sometime our food intolerances go away. Sometimes that change is permanent and sometimes it’s only for pregnancy and then you may have a flare up after. We will see hoe this all unfolds but so far I’ve been able to add goat cheese and I’m stoked about that! Goat cheddar is really tasty! It also gives me some calcium I need plus protein and fat. 

Ok so for this week I kept it pretty simple and didn’t make a lot. I plan to have leftovers from several dinners this week that will cover lunches for a few days too.

  • I made Turkey Meatballs. Simliar to these but without the chipotle because I didn’t have any.
  • To have wit huh meat balls I spiralized zucchini and tossed it with kale pesto. I use this dairy and nut free pesto and this spriralizer. The best.
  • I made this banana bread. It’s a great recipe, sugar free and I used GF flour to make it gluten free. I’m finding I’m currently sensitive to overly sweet things and this is sweet enough without the sugar, plus you can add chocolate chips.
  • I made sweet potato toasts. The trick is to bake them first and then reheat in the toaster. Much better than cook in toaster method.
  • Roasted red potatoes with herbs
  • I cut up veggies to have with hummus. I also found a gluten free pita at Whole Foods that is really good!
  • I have leftover tomato meat sauce to have with pasta
  • I marinated a flank steak in balsamic, dijon, garlic, evoo and sea salt to grill up for dinner tomorrow and have with chimichurri. This is one of our fave meals!
  • Lastly hubby roasted a chicken on the rotisserie for dinner tonight with sweet potato fries (air truer) and salad. We will have leftovers that I’ll use to add to salads and the same pizza I made last week one night and last night.

That’s a wrap! It was quick, maybe 1.5 hours including clean up.