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Meal Prep Dec 18th 2016

Last week’s meals were great for me. Filling, satisfying and met my nutritional needs. I’m still working with 120g protein, 254g carbs and 93g protein but I try to change it up what I eat week to week but sometimes staying the same is ok too! I almost made the same thing this week but I ended up switching it up although similar.

I made sort of a version of this empanada filling with added organic corn and zucchini, raisins and olives. It’s really tasty on its own so instead of making it into little hand pies which are time-consuming (but totally delicious) we will just have it with rice this week. I had two lbs of ground turkey and 1lb of venison so I decided to make a triple batch so I could freeze some for when baby comes. That saved me from having to make another freezer meal all together which is good since I’m pooped today! I did a lot yesterday and I can feel it. Peggie problems! ha!


To go with the meat filling I made a pot of brown rice (2 cups dry rice) and I sliced avocado. Hubby will have boiled eggs with his too. Egg with this kind of meal is very common in Argentina.

I cut up a pineapple that I’ll have with breakfast which will probably be coconut yogurt, collagen peptides, nuts and seeds and maybe toast and PB if I’m hungry enough.

I also made a batch of these delicious paleo chocolate chip cookies as well as a cranberry, lemon and pistachio protein cake based on this recipe from Joyous Health whom you know I love. If it’s yummy enough I’ll post my version of the recipe!


Lastly, I’ve got a top sirloin roast marinating. We will have that for dinner with some leftovers for hubby’s dinner after the late shift tomorrow night.

That’s a wrap! 🙂