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Meal Prep December 6th 2015

I finally had a chance to prep a decent amount food. The last two weeks have been really off schedule for me and that drives me crazy. As much as I follow a flexible eating approach and can grab food from anywhere I still really prefer eating my own meals.

I don’t always make full meals in meal prep, sometimes it’s more like items. Protein choices are usually the hardest to have on hand when running around so I always make sure I have easy lean protein options. Because of my current food intolerances it can be even more tricky to just grab something so I like to make sure I have cooked and sliced chicken breast, flash frozen white fish or shrimp (they thaw and cook really quickly), wild sourced canned tuna and I often have some type of meatball cooked up and ready to go in the fridge or freezer. I also keep a few other quick protein sources including a protein supplement in the house. The thing is I don’t HAVE to eat any of the prepped items every day but I can and that’s helpful so that I’m not scrambling to find something when I’m busy and hungry.

I’m still avoiding grains, soy, eggs, most nuts and dairy so right now most of my protein come from animal sources and I keep thinking I’d like to add indifferent types of animal meat into my day but to be honest I just don’t love much else. I’m trying here and there though  😉

Anyway, my meals this week will look something like this.


  • Home made coconut yogurt (posting soon!)
  • Apricot & Ginger Tigernut granola (posting soon!)
  • Fresh fruit – I cut up a pineapple, de seeded a pomegranate, and have permissions ready to slice
  • Collagen supplement

Post workout 

I used frozen pre cut squash and sweet potato this week to save a little time and they worked really well!

Frozen precut veggies save time
Frozen precut veggies save time


Lunch (two ways)

  • Sumac and oregano herbed chicken
  • Za’atar seasoned roasted heirloom carrots and beets


  • Harissa Spiced chicken breast
  • Roasted broccoli with sea salt (yes I add salt, it’s  a required mineral and delicious!)

I literally just sprinkled on the seasoning on all of this and just roasted about 20 min. Really easy

Seasoned and Roasted
Seasoned and Roasted


  • Apple
  • Fermented vegan protein powder (I can digest this one well)
  • Small piece of dark chocolate

Or a smoothie or cookie or protein bar instead or huge salad with chicken or something.

snack time!
snack time!


This week I’ve got a few things on the menu:

  • Fish tacos with avocado lime cilantro cream
  • Lemon Garlic turkey kabobs with salad (and herbed potatoes for hubster)
  • Steak and sweet potato fries
  • Chicken tenders breaded with coconut flour
  • yuca pesto pizza
  • Salads galore of course – my favourite 😉

I also made a batch of mini beef meat loves for my hubby’s lunches and a batch of chocolate chip cookies which I’m playing around with before posting.

mini meatloaf

A couple nights a week I end the night with a little coconut ice cream assuming I can fit it into my daily macros. I used to be so focused on ‘clean food’ choices but knowing more about how the body breaks down each nutrient has changed that for me. As long as you digest it well and feel good eating it ( physically and mentally), your progress in terms of shaping your physique is more a matter of timing and quantity of food than actual food choice. That said nutrient dense, whole foods should make up the bulk of your nutrition. You get some many wonderful antioxidants, minerals and vitamins from whole real food that you can’t really substitute. Basically eat your fruit and veggies and enjoy a few treats if you want them.

Whatever nutrition strategy you choose to follow must be sustainable if you want it to work long term. Otherwise it’s just a ‘diet’ and you go on and off and up and down. It’s all about knowing your body and living in balance beauties! 🙂



Ice Cream!
Ice Cream!