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Meal Prep Feb 21st 2016

Well last week’s strict adherence my AIP nutrition protocol helped a ton and then Friday we went for burgers again which was perfect except something (the bun?) didn’t seem to do me any good this week (although delicious).


Elk burger
Elk burger

I haven’t totally figured it out but it seems like all grains (not just gluten containing ones) aren’t working well for me right now. I’m not positive it’s that because there could have been some gluten contamination or something else on Friday. In any case,  as much as I have recovered from the parasite I’m still working on repairing my gut. Hopefully I’ll be able to add all be beloved dairy, grains and nuts back in soon but for now I just need to stick to what makes me feel well.

This is so similar to when I was 10 years and just finding out I was celiac and sorting through what I could eat and what I couldn’t. Often when our gut health is compromised we end up with food sensitivities that may or my not be permanent. Removing what doesn’t work for you allows thing to heal and then you can often reintroduce. Sometimes fully and sometimes just in small doses. In my case back when I was a kid I eliminated most things on my list for probably about 7 years and was fine on most foods (except gluten) until this past 3 years with the parasite episode.

This week I’ll stick to what’s working and try to get my bloating down and digestion back up.

On Saturday I decided to clean my oven (boring). Since I hate that kind of deep scrubbing (seriously so many other things to do in life) I chose to use the auto clean mode. Well let me tell you, apparently Kitchen Aid (and Whirlpool) ovens are notorious for completely failing at this. In fact it’s been dubbed “self destructing mode”. Yep. My adored Kitchen Aid gas self locked the oven door, overheated  and completely died. Brutal!

Lucky for me my hubby is handy so when he got home last night he figured out what the problem was (thanks YouTube) and is able to fix it. The key word is able…that means not today. We need a part. That means meal prep was switched up a little.

I could still use the gas top along with a lighter to start the flame and I put my crock pot and air fryer to work too.

Here’s what I’ve got planned for my first 3 meals of the day:

Breakfast (pre workout):
6 slices turkey bacon and 4 sweet potato ‘toast’ slices to make two of these little breakfast ‘sandwiches’.

Macros 29p/45c/5f


Apple Sage & cranberry breakfast sausage and cinnamon spiced pan fried plantain and candied ginger on the side.

Last week I made these breakfast sausages with Costco’s brand ground turkey instead of my usual organic ground chicken and I have to tell you they were not great at all. The meat is so different, strong taste, dry and not at al the same. I won’t be doing that again. They are so delicious with the right meat/poultry.

Macros 20p/47c/6f

Apple Sage Breakfast Sausage Patties
Apple Sage Breakfast Sausage Patties

I made a Asian inspired chicken dish using the crock pot. The sauce is made of coconut aminos, lime juice, maple syrup, ginger and garlic and I’ll have this with cauliflower rice. Apple with cinnamon for dessert.

Macros 33p/28c/4f

I’ll also use this sauce for the shrimp stirfry will have for dinner tonight and hubby’s lunch tomorrow. I’ll have mine with zucchini noodles and he with vermicelli.

Dinner (with the same sauce recipe I used for the chicken)
Dinner (with the same sauce recipe I used for the chicken)

While all that was going on I had a huge pot of chicken broth simmering away that I’ll use this week in soups and freeze the rest. I also made a batch of chocolate protein truffles, coconut milk yogurt and grain free granola that I’ll probably have a a snack in the evening when I run out of coconut ice cream 😉

Ice cream - Dairy free
Ice cream – Dairy free

Speaking of ice cream, thank you so much for entering the Screamin Bros contest! I love supporting Canadian businesses and sharing great products with you. Thank you also for your amazing questions! I can’t wait to answer them all.

Anyway that sums up today’s prep. I’ll add the usual smoothies, salads, fruit and treats in my day to round out my nutritional needs.

I’m  currently at 175g carbs and 48g fat per day and climbing so as a little person I’m happy about that! Haha. The goal is to maintain my shape and increase food weekly. My workouts are pretty awesome these days. I’m feeling strong and working on my lagging areas. Actually I’m so sore all over today. My shoulders are so fatigued from yesterday’s training that this work in the kitchen was tough! Could barely lift my arms to flip the contents of my pan. Hahah!

Shoulders on fiya! ;)
Shoulder day!

Hope you are all rocking your health and fitness!