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Meal Prep Feb 28th 2016

Well my oven is still broken 🙁

My hubby ordered the parts to fix it and are waiting. I’m really on a roasted veggie kick and have so many lovely local veggies from my farm delivery to roast but alas that didn’t happen.

Instead I used a combination of my Gorge Forman style grill, my air fryer and the stove top. It probably wasn’t my most efficient meal prep but I got it done. I’m actually all about efficiency so if and when I can I try to cook things in the same method to save time. The oven and BBQ are great for that but neither are exactly available to me. The indoor grill is great but mine is tiny.

For breakfast I cooked up a package of turkey bacon and made those sweet potato ‘toasts’ in the air fryer again. I made enough to have for brekkie most of this week too. The oven works better for this but you do whatcha gotta do!

Then I attempted a coconut flour based banana cake also using the air fryer on bake mode, fail. The taste of the cake is delish but it’s basically a pudding lol. Kinda like bread pudding actually. I’ll keep it in the freezer and may add it to my ice cream like warm cake and ice cream or something. Anyway bummer that this banana bread isn’t coming with me to work in my lunch bag but I’ll be fine.

I also made a batch of breakfast sausages. I ran out of cinnamon so instead of the ones I made last week I just added thyme, sage, sea salt and a bit of stevia to these. To go with them I’ll have a huge serving of sweet potato home fries.

I basically chopped up a large white sweet potato and a large purple sweet potato and pan-fried them with a little olive oil, onion and garlic. I also pan-fried a couple plantains for added carb source choices.

I did my chicken with a little BBQ sauce on the grill and then also grilled asparagus. These went into salads along with baby romaine, red onion and shredded cabbage. My hubby got boiled egg, olives, tomato and avocado on his salads too. I often add olives and avocado to my salads but this time I chose to save my fats for ice cream 😉 (this is why flexible dieting is da bomb! Balanced, nourishing and nutritiious with room for fun. All in moderation. All within your goals)


Ice creams for days!
Ice creams for days!

That sums it up! Oh actually I’ll  also make a beef stew for dinner tonight that will last another meal or two. Plus the usual smoothies, fruit and other on the go add ins that fill up my day and fuel my training.

Happy prepping beauties! xoxo




Meal Prep
Meal Prep