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Meal Prep Jan 29th 2017

My prepped meals these last few weeks of pregnancy are choices that are quicker and easier. I just can’t stand up in the kitchen for any length of time. It’s crazy what extra weight feels like on your joints and ligaments. I’ve only got an extra 32lbs on this bod, what the heck would I feel like if I gained more! Yikes.

This coming work week I have two working lunch dates and since we only eat 3 (maybe 4) meals a day I only have to precook lunches. This saves a lot of time in general and means this week I only need lunch meals for 3 days plus 3 days for my hubby.

I opted for a double batch of my turkey tacos this week. They are so quick and easy to make, really versatile and totally customizable depending on your macros goals and nutritional needs.

I added refried pimento beans to this batch to up the protein, carbohydrates and fibre a bit. I also like the texture and taste they add. This brand has great ingredients – no crap added.


We will have these with rice, brown rice tortilla, plantain chips, corn chips or salad depending on how we feel. Add loads of veggies, avocado, cheese and salsa if you want too. So easy.

That’s all I did. Ha! I know, it took 30 min or so and I have enough for 6 meals, 30g protein each.

What I’m finding right now with being so pregnant is I’m better off breaking meal prep up over the week rather than trying to do a lot of cooking in one shot. This means that basically I make a little extra each time I make a dinner meal. It’s all about doing what works for you!