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Meal Prep January 22nd 2017

I’ve been meal prepping on Sundays for years. Like probably 20 years. At least 10 years in this more structured way anyway.

Today was a day that I just couldn’t do it. It happens. Sometimes we are too busy or too tired or just not able and that’s ok!

In my case today I was literally exhausted. At this point in my pregnancy I find standing up for almost any amount of extended time really difficult so meal prep even for an hour is tough as it is. On top of that I overdid it yesterday so I’m extra sore with pelvic pain today (SPD). My hips feel like they won’t hold me up!  It’s the craziest feeling.

I had a wonderful day yesterday at my baby shower and then when I got home my hubby took photos of my belly bump. A little photo shoot in the studio at home. Then I puttered around till after midnight looking at all of our beautiful gifts. Finally I crashed into bed and this morning I felt like I was hit by a truck.
I still had things to do today and meal prep kind of fell off the list.

Instead we grabbed a cooked chicken from farm boy and I made salad and we had that with a few root chips. That covered dinner tonight plus lunches tomorrow. 

I’ll make a dinner tomorrow that leaves us with enough leftovers for a few more lunches and then I’ll do that again closer to the end of the week. Add in the usually smoothies, fruit, veggies, non dairy yogurt etc and we are good to go.

Essentially you want food as fuel that meet your nutritional needs, budget, lifestyle and desires. There are lots of way of getting it done!