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Meal Prep July 10th 2016

Soooooo, if you were looking for last week’s meal prep you won’t find it. I didn’t do it. I know, so unlike me. I was totally planning on it but I procrastinated and just didn’t feel great and we had plans later that day that came up sooner than I was ready for and I just said screw it. I bought my lunch all week.

One of the nice things about being flexible with nutrition but still being able to track and know what you are eating is that you can do that. You can grab food from almost anywhere and it make it fit within your macro goals and I did. I went to Farm Boy most morning on the way to work, they have a great food station. So that along with salad bar plus lots of fresh fruit, veggies and hummus and plantain chips or sweet potato chips I made it work.

I don’t find that ideal in most cases though. It’s expensive for one thing, especially if we are both buying lunches and I just prefer to eat my own cooked food most of the time. That said it worked for last week and can totally work for you in lots of cases. The most important thing is really learning how and what to eat and it’s a good idea to have a few spots where you know you can get good food.

Ok anyway this week I did do some prep and here is what I made.

  1. Grilled chicken thighs with BBQ sauce – actually my hubby made these and they are for his lunches (with brown rice, veg and a bot of leftover chickpea marsala curry)
  2. Cooked a pot of brown and wild rice mix
  3. Steamed sugar snap peas
  4. Cooked up 1lb of ground turkey + 1lb of ground chicken with spices and veggies (I’ll have with the flat bread and/or plantain chips)
  5. I made a flat bread using cassava ( this is the same as my grain pizza crust and I will post soon!)
  6. This tapioca pudding with gelatin ( I wanted a calorie dense treat)
  7. Boiled eggs

That’s it. Got it done.

I originally wanted to make empanadas which I will soon but my oven is still broken and we are waiting on the part. So annoying! I want to bake! 😉 

What did you make this week!?

meal prep
meal prep