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Meal Prep July 26th 2015

So I have some super exciting news! I’ve just started working with Layne Norton. He’s the guy I’m always sharing vlogs and links about on my FB page and with my clients. He’s such a trail blazer in the bodybuilding industry and I love what he stands for. He’s a scientist whose work is changing so much of what was thought in nutrition and dieting. He’s one of my mentors and has been for a few years now and the fact that I have this opportunity is something I’m so excited about.

Basically the goal is to get stage ready but without sacrificing my health. I’ve been through a lot this last year with the parasite and my gut health so it’s important it’s the right time. I’ve been feeling better and really would like to get back up there before baby making time ūüėČ and having Layne in my corner just seems like it’s all falling into place. ¬†I wasn’t really going to compete so soon but after speaking with him it just unfolded. Our plan now is assessing where I’m at in terms of metabolism before committing to a show so nothing in writing just yet but ideally SAF¬†Elite Bikini in October if my body is responding. That’s in exactly 12 weeks! Yikes! Exciting.

It’s funny that as you learn more and more within your field combined with true self-awareness it becomes hard and harder to trust information. Or also easier and easier to spot the crap. ¬†There is seriously so much crap out there about dieting, nutrition, fitness and health in general, it’s pretty crazy. I suppose like anything, dig for the truth in what you hear/read etc. Just because someone told you doesn’t make it true.

I posted a video log on my YouTube channel. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything there and I find those really hard to do! I find myself really¬†hypercritical when watching ¬†myself in video but I’m sucking it up and planning to post more often. ¬†I have a few old ones that I never hot up there so I’ll do that too. Please excuse the close up, I have to get sorted out with where I’ll do these so I don;t have the phone so close to my head. Hahaha. In the meantime I’d love to hear what you think and any topics you want me to cover!

Ok so with regards to meal prep this week is pretty typical and straight forward for me.

Smoothies for breakfast (the one I posted last week is my current delicious go to)

Protein Banana Cake for post workout. I tweaked it again and made a vegan version this week in my recipe testing and hope to share it soon. I’m loving it.

I made butternut squash home fries seasoned with smoked sea salt (so good!), a spaghetti squash, pot of brown rice and bean pilaf mix. These plus lots of fresh veggies and fruit with be my main source of carbs.

Protein wise I’ll have extra lean turkey sausage and chicken breast seasoned with herb de province mix (like literally sprinkled on top and roasted). Plus my vegan fermented vanilla protein from Genuine Health. I usually have the 2x a day lately. ¬†I’ve also got a beef flank steak marinating in coconut aminos, garlic, sea salt, red wine vinegar, honey and evoo that I’ll grill up and slice thin for topping salads. I’ve been trying so hard to add in other meats like vision, elk, venison etc and to be honest blah, I just can’t love the taste. Lol. I can handle a burger made with them but cuts of meat I find so hard to get down. Give me beef, chicken, turkey and pretty much and seafood and I’m happy. Trying though!

So that’s it for meal prep. Really easy, quick and to the point this week. As long as it’s yummy, meets our nutritional needs keeps us feeling it good it doesn’t really matter much what combo you’ve got going on.

I plan on posting a lot of great tips for eating in a calorie deficit (i.e. dieting) so stay tuned!