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Meal Prep July 5th 2015

Well another Sunday. How does this happen? Where does the time go? haha

Today was spent with my Serious About Fitness fam so I really didn’t do much else. We had a judges meeting this morning – have I mentioned I’m now on the judging panel as a regular judge, not just guest judging? It’s pretty intense and a tough job but I really love working with such a fair panel of women so dedicated to the world of women’s fitness where health is still priority. Anyway so we had a meeting this morning and then this afternoon was our Summer stage prep camp. I love meeting all the new competitors (and seeing those of you back again) and watching the progression show to show. So much to be proud of. It’s not easy!

Meal prep wise I have a few things going on. One being I’m still dealing with my health issues, namely systemic candida, dysbiosis and food intolerances, so my prep is based around those concerns and healing from them. The next being my physique goals. I’m not at a place where I’m happy with my shape but I know that my focus must be on healing my gut and the rest will come. That said I’m still tracking and monitoring my intake to keep things in the right direction as best I can.

Since I knew I would be spending most of the day at the camp I cooked most of my proteins while making dinner last night. We had a BBQ Flank steak so I also grilled a coupled chicken breasts (marinated in my fav combo- lemon juice, garlic, oregano and a tiny few drops of olive oil). I also made the most beautiful chicken and pineapple kabobs. I seasoned chicken with lime juice, ginger and coconut aminos for a nice flavour. Really good. Grilled fruit – OMG so good, isn’t it?! Now to keep the quantity in check 😉

The other thing I did yesterday was cook a butternut squash on the crock pot. It’s the easiest thing. You put the whole squash in there and cook on low until soft. It will depend on it’s size but mine took about 4 hours. Then you let it cool enough to handle, cut in half, scoop out the seeds and the rest of the squash and use as you like. I used the squash to make a butternut squash and coconut milk porridge. Sounds bit strange but it’s so yummy and sweet. Basically I’m not having any grains at the moment but I wanted a low sugar complex carb source that would be great for the morning pre/or post workout. This should work perfectly. Once the squash was cooked I added a can of lite coconut milk, and about 1/2 tsp of cinnamon, cardamon and ginger and cooked on low heat. Add stevia, one or maple syrup if you want it sweeter. Even add protein powder or gelatin supplement. This recipe is similar but she adds an apple, or raisins. Both could be great too!

I’ll have that with my go to apple sage breakfast sausages for a solid morning meal.

Today when I got home I made two salads while prepping tonight’s dinner: my favourite detox/debloat salad- my Fennel Apple salad and my yummy Tabbouleh salad. Since I’m staying away from grains at the moment, I skipped the quinoa in the tabbouleh and added chicken peas that I had soaked and cooked for my hubby’s version. I’ll just have mine without the additions along with my lemon garlic chicken.

We’ve got a guest coming for the week so these meals will be for most work days and I’ll make dinners most night this week. When I do that I also cook enough for left overs so it’s kind of a perpetual meal prep. Basically if I spend time in the kitchen I rarely only make one meal. I’m dirtying the dishes so might as well make extra.  It just helps me stay organized.

Do you find the same helps you?