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Meal Prep June 12th 2016

OMG what a weekend!! I’m still on such a high from the SAF and Physique Canada shows. They were all incredible. As a judge it’s really hard work but it’s amazing in so many ways. I’ll write another post about all the pros and cons and what I love most but one of the big perks is the best seats in the house! Yeah baby, these athletes rocked it!

Bikini Model Champs
Bikini Model Champs
Fitness Model Champs
Fitness Model Champs

After all that excitement I am tired but also energized, I have so much content to share with you all and so much great stuff coming. Sometimes I loose my momentum with fitbeauties (for lots of reasons that I’ll also write about!) but this time spent with like minded and inspiring people just lights my fire! Love you all so much. xoxoxo

Today was my mamma’s birthday celebrations so I got to continue my amazing weekend by hanging out with my famjam. The best.

Because of all of the above my meal prep is starting and it’s 6pm, way late for me, so things are really simple and “bro food-ish” because a) I feel good eating that way b) I can fill in the gaps with whatever treats I want (aka ice cream) and c) it’s fast and easy to whip up! Let’s be honest, no need to over do it when Netflix is calling.

Literally I’m taking chicken, asparagus, sweet potato and basmati rice. Basics baby.

Ok so pretty much I did the following

  1. I turned on the over at 350 degrees
  2. 4 chicken breasts sprinkled with Herbamere on an parchment lined pan
  3. A bunch of asparagus washed and prepped thrown in a ceramic dish
  4. 2 huge Japanese sweet potatoes (950g) peeled, chopped into chunks, tossed in 15g (1 tablespoon) olive oil, sea salt, fresh minced garlic and cilantro in a glass baking dish
  5. Washed a few random veg I had hanging around (broccoli, sugar snap peas)
  6. Opened a package of remade basmati rice – yep let’s keep it simple
  7. Prepped a whole chicken by washing and rubbing with olive oil and sea salt and placing in a foil lined roasting pan – I contemplated buy-in a remade chicken but I figured I had to cook the other stuff anyway so this is easy but I’ll tell ya, those pre-made chicken are awesome for anyone in a rush. Time management is for real.

All of the above (except the rice) went into the oven and was done in less than an hour. Yep that’s it. That’s all I did!

Mmmmm roasted sweet potatoes
Mmmmm roasted sweet potatoes
Pre-cooked rice
Pre-cooked rice


Basically the roast chicken is for tonight plus the extra little bit that will be leftover for tomorrow night.

The chicken, asparagus and sweet potato will be for me for lunches along with some fruit (I have berries, kiwis and melons this week), the ice cream is actually for later in the day.  Lunch macros are about 35p/45C/8F

My hubby will also have chicken and veg but with rice. That’s enough for a couple of days for him and the other days he’ll get left over dinners. I’m planning on pasta (he’s finally into the zucchini noodles with me so – winning! ;P) shrimp tacos with guac and plantain chips and also steak with chimichurri with salad all on the menu this week.

I meant to make my breakfast sausage patties but I forgot to buy ground chicken so smoothies it is. I actually have few new protein powders to try anyway. I love trying new products and am also on the lookout for great finds.

Trying this week - Stay tuned
Trying this week – Stay tuned
Today's Smoothie
Today’s Smoothie


Thanks for all your support beauties! I realize I have recipes to post for you too! Pizza right? Anything else you want specifically? Talk to me! 🙂

Chat soon