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Meal Prep June 19th 2016

Happy father’s day to any of you male doggie and baby daddy fitbeauties! I know there are a few ;P

We spent this morning with my Dad celebrating. He’s a new grandpa and loving it. He set up the sprinkle for my nephew today for the first time. So friggin’ cute.

With the heat and the busy weekend I really took it easy in the kitchen today. I literally made one thing for us for lunches and called it quits. lol.

I got home from my parents and a few errands and was hungry so I made the meat mixture from one of my empanada recipes. Basically ground turkey with onion and spices, super tasty- ready in 20 min – would you like full recipe?

I had that for lunch with plantain chips. I usually buy the SS Frutas from farm boy as I like the ingredients more than some other brands. Inka is also good. You can find them on Amazon too. When I made it I knew that so I made a big batch and it works well. It’s all made in the pan on the stove top so the house stays cool and my having the plantain chips I get the carbs and fat and salt I need without having to do anything. Easy peasy.

I have a lovely fruit selection – hello summer and will have the usual smoothies and salads in my day. Eating 4 meals instead of 6 or more meals I have much less to prepare. I make bigger portions for those 4 meals but it meals less time in the kitchen overall.

Cherries = Summer!
Cherries = Summer!

I’ll grill some chicken for tonight’s dinner in a little while and I’ll make extra for my after work salad meals I love. That’s pretty much it for tonight. Slacking but not really. One of the great things about flexible dieting if you have total flexibility in what you can eat so if you want or need to grab and go you can. It just takes a little practice.

Two things that I always recommend to my clients and I do the same keep are a) planning (and calculating) meals ahead and b) prep at least protein sources so they are easy to grab when needed.

Happy Sunday!


Meal Prep
Meal Prep