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Meal Prep June 21 2015

Hiya! So this is probably not my best meal prep post because I’m really exhausted today! Plus I’m sore everywhere from a week of awesome workouts that I’m almost hobbling. haha. I’m not sure why exactly I’m so totally pooped but I’m totally dragging my butt. Maybe because my time of the month is  just about now? Anyway maybe TMI for you haha.

We celebrated Father’s day earlier today and then it was everything in my to put together a few meals for the next few days. I didn’t do my usual 5 days worth but I did get two days plus the meat/protein done for the 5 days.

Last night we stayed in and had a BBQ with some chicken chorizo and steak I picked up at Whole Foods. While dinner was cooking I threw on my chicken breasts for most of the week. Multi tasking to save time!  Today I made my Mediterranean meatballs using kale instead of spinach. I finely chopped the whole bunch using the food processor and used about 1.5 cups for the meatballs and the rest will be for a salad. The meatballs have such health supporting spices in them plus add kale and they are little powerhouses of nutrition 😉

I experimented with this paleo bread recipe and subbed palm oil for the butter.  To be honest it looks really great, the texture is perfect,  but I think it’s going to be a tad bit too ‘eggy’ tasting. I’ve been avoiding grains and a lot of nuts so I thought this might be great but not sold on it yet. I’ll get back to you after a few more tastes. I have another version to try too. Do you have a great recipe for grain free and nut free bread?

I made a huge salad,  steamed a head of rapini and boiled some eggs for my hubby. I also made my chia seed pudding.

It took about an hour and that’s enough cooking for me tonight. Finish the laundry, have a lavender oil + magnesium salt bath a little Netflix and an early night for this girl! 5am comes way to0 early.


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