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Meal Prep June 26th 2016

Oh summer how I love you! This weather is amazing. The sun feeds my soul. You?

I was lucky it was great out today because my oven isn’t working again! Gah! I think there something is wrong with the pilot but not sure yet. Luckily BBQ to the rescue.

I did everything on the BBQ today and it was pretty quick. I’m still pretty restricted in terms of food choice with my intolerance so most of what I made is my typical go-to stuff but it’s always nice to change up the preparation of whatever we eat to keep things interesting.

I’m taking in 120g protein, 205g carbs and 56g fat daily and I’m also really focused on getting specific nutrient – potassium, calcium, folate, B6 and B12, zinc, iron, probiotics – so I’m careful to make sure I have good sources of each and supplement as needed.

I balance whole food and overall nourishing nutrition with the treats I love that keep satiated and satisfied. No food is really inherently bad, just some foods are better. Balance baby.

Ok here’s what I grilled:

  1. Plantain – peeled and sliced, tossed in olive oil and sea salt and straight on the grill. These work best if they are firm and aren’t too ripe but not totally green either.
  2. Sweet potato – white and orange sweet potatoes skin on chopped and tossed in olive oil, sea salt, fresh garlic and cilantro. Wrapped in tin foil packets
  3. Potato – pretty much the same as the sweet potato but toss in olive oil sea salt, onion power and garlic powder
  4. Chicken breasts – 4 breasts marinated in lemon juice , garlic, oregano and olive oil (my fave combo!)
  5. Chicken thighs – 9 thighs tossed in BBQ sauce
  6. Beef burgers – 5 patties (from 1 lb) made with lean ground beef, oregano, sea salt and shredded zucchini
Meal Prep
Meal Prep

I also washed and prepped some fresh broccoli from my farm delivery and I’ll have that with a combo from the above for lunches.

That’s it. Done and done. All while lounging in the sunshine 😛

Getting our Vitamin D!
Getting our Vitamin D!

I’ve been really into my super tart raspberry kiwi lime smoothies I posted about so I’ll stick with those for breakfast and add in my usual salads in the afternoon. Plus whatever else I end up with for dinners and that about covers it.

Raspberry Kiwi & Lime Smoothie
Raspberry Kiwi & Lime Smoothie

(oh side note, that new Vega protein I mentioned last week is awesome! I’m impressed)

I also wanted to make a banana bread but that will have to wait for the oven.

Hope you did some planning for the week ahead. Great nutrition takes some thought and is so totally worth it.