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Meal Prep June 28 2015

Last week was a rough one. I had a reaction to something I ate at our family father’s day gathering. It was similar to what I have when I have gluten and it lasted until Thursday evening. Swelling, massive belly ache, headache, brain fog, joint pain and the list goes one. Brutal.

I have a detailed post half written that I’ll get up next week that goes through this in more detail but essentially my system is back to where I was before healing my gut as a kid. So frustrating but at least it’s clearer to me and I know what I need to do.

One of the things I need to do is to follow a nutrition strategy that is safe for automate and is also free of or at least low  in fermentable carbohydrates. I was doing this last year when I didn’t know I had a parasite but I stopped when I had treated it. The parasite is still gone but the damage is creating these sensitivities. I’ve been feeling amazing since Friday. I recovered from my reaction and implemented this protocol and things seem to be settling back down.

Anyway the food I made today if all safe and supportive of gut healing and also supportive of my physique goals. I was really inspired and feeling creative and went a little nutty I think. Haha. Super yummy paleo menu for the week.

I love marinades. They add so much flavour to meats/fish/chicken without adding much in the way of calories. They also help keep things interesting.

When I cook I rarely measure any of the spices and herbs and often not the condiments depending on what they are made form (unless weighing to track macros). Marinades are the same. I really just through it all together taste it and go from there. Because of that it’s often hard for me to write out recipes of things I wing but I’ll tell you what I did.

I cut into cubes marinated chicken breasts in a blend of spices that would be considered Mediterranean type flavour. I used most of the spices I use in my Mediterranean meatballs (the ones I had last week). I threaded the chicken on to skewers alternating with onion to make kabobs. I was going to BBQ this but it was raining so I broiled the skewers instead. Super yum.

I created another marinade of  orange juice and zest, coconut aminos, fresh ginger and green onion. I divided it into two and added fresh cilantro to one and used it to marinate shrimp. The other one I used to marinate a big piece of salmon. When I cooked the salmon I added some honey and reduced the marinade to a sauce. The shrimp I sautéed which take 5 min. I also baked 2 pieces of cod seasoned with lemon, garlic and dill. That sums up my proteins.

While the fish was in the oven I also roasted a huge pan of veggies including zucchini, asparagus and broccoli. I added those veggies to the chicken and cod meals and voila. I also sautéed a bunch of rainbow chard with garlic to go with the shrimp.

The salmon we will have for dinner tonight and another night during the week and I’ll likely sauté kale or have a fresh salad for those meals. I made white rice for my hubby too. Oh and I also made that avocado lime garlic guac I posted about. So good with plantain chips or on top of burgers. Yum!!

I had made the start of bone both last week and finished it today and used some of it for a soup. We had so many mushrooms from the farm to use up so I made this delicious dairy free mushroom soup. My hubby loves soups so this is really all for him.  The left over coconut milk is perfect for smoothies and I like to freeze it into cubes.

I made two delicious treats. I had about 5 nectarines getting too ripe so I sliced them up and tossed them with ginger and cinnamon and topped with shredded coconut, coconut flour an coconut oil and baked like a crisp. So amazing and no sugar except the fructose from the fruit. I also made a batch of this Phat fudge. I mentioned this yummy stuff in one of my posts before. It a functional treat that’s super health supporting and a bit different so may take getting used to but it’s amazing. The creator is amazing too, follow her.

I attempted a coconut flour pancake that didn’t turn out great but was ok. Does anyone have a good recipe for coconut flour pancake made without eggs? I haven’t  had much success and I’m missing my prOATein pancakes something fierce!

I thinks that’s it! Sounds like a lot and it kind of is. It’s a lot of different things cooked using different methods so that adds to the time and clean up. I  spend a solid 3 hours which is way more than I usually spend but I really wanted to change things up a bit and was so in the mood. I got right into it and the creativity was flowing. I used up all the things in my fridge I needed to and have lots of meals ready to go. Cooking is one way I relax. That plus my yoga class today and I’m feeling so good. Ready for the busy week ahead!

Meal prep is is probably one of the most important tools in feeling good and looking good. It doesn’t have to be extravagant and can definitely be supplemented with eating out as long as you have a plan. Hopefully you are making some healthy and delicious foods that will support your goals too.


meal prep

meal prep


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