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Meal Prep June 5th 2016

A rainy Sunday calls for some time in the kitchen! 😉

Since I couldn’t comfortably use the BBQ today I changed my meal prep plans up a bit. I made a few items that aren’t on my usual list but are great for grab and go meals and easy to freeze.

1) A big pot of tomato meat sauce. This is for my hubby ( because I’m not currently eating nightshades i.e tomatoes) and I made it with ground beef and ground turkey and the local tomato sauce from my farm delivery. He’ll have it over gnocchi or zucchini noodles on lighter days.

2) Soup. I had some broth left from last week’s bone boiling session and I made an heirloom blue squash soup with it and local squash puree, also from the farm. I had those two frozen items in my delivery and I had thawed them and needed to use them up so it worked out.

Meal prep
Meal prep

For my meals I’m still working with 4 really good-sized meals a day (as I talked about recently in this article) and I am aiming for 120g protein, 200 carbs and 52g fat. I find this pretty easy to hit and sometimes even a lot of food depending on my appetite and food sources I choose.

The breakfast skillet I made last week actually ended up being too voluminous for me in the morning. It was just too much food, that’s nuts because I love to eat hahah. Really though, even with following flexible dieting approach I always try to respect my appetite. I tune into my hunger signals and cravings as best I can. This includes not overeating. By selecting foods based on volume you can really manage this well. What I mean is to reduce volume choose more dense foods like maple syrup instead of sweet potatoes as carbs. When calories are low you would do the opposite.

This week’s breakfasts will be really delicious. I decided to make my favourite apple sage breakfast sausage patties (with cranberries and maple syrup for extra carbs) because I missed them last week but instead of having two I’ll have one plus a few slices of turkey bacon. That will give me the 30g of protein I aim for. I also made sweet potato “toasts” to have with a little peanut butter and jam. The “toasts” are really just slices of sweet potato roasted and the related by toaster. They are a really nice alternative to toast for me while I follow the autoimmune protocol.

I made a package or regular bacon too, mostly for salad and maybe burger toppings for dinner. Bacon is mostly fat so it would get counted toward my fat intake. Remember, no food is off-limits, it’s about balance and appropriate quantities for your needs and that’s the way it should be.

baconn. mmmmm
baconn. mmmmm

Let’s stop labelling food good or bad, it’s not needed. Actually, have you read this article from my coach Layne about sugar yet?

I did the bacon in the oven, it stays nice and flat that way, as well as the sweet potato toast. At the same I also used the oven to roast a few chicken breasts with Harissa spice. Really good on salads.

So I’ll have salads with chicken for lunches and probably a side of fruit.

I love fruit and eat a couple servings a day. A colleague gave me a bunch of rhubarb from her garden so I roasted that along with strawberries a little coconut sugar and lemon oil. This was inspired by an IG post by Jessica Flanigan at AIP Lifestyle. It’s like a crumble without the crumble and I’ll have it with coco whip or ice cream or even on its own.

Roasted strawberries & rhubarb
Roasted strawberries & rhubarb

Tonight we’ve got a roast chicken and for dinner on other night we will have a beef flank which I have marinating (same as two weeks ago, perfecting the mole for you ;)) .  I also plan on fish tacos another night so I made my fave take on Guacamole:

Avocado, fresh minced garlic, lime juice and salt. So amazing! I love this stuff. Especially good with plantain chips. Yummy.

The last thing I did was make another batch of my GF lemon poppy seed protein muffins. This recipe is really good.

Lemon Poppyseed Protein Muffins
Lemon Poppyseed Protein Muffins

That’s it for this week! Happy prepping! 🙂

Oh and p.s thank you all for reading and sharing the article about competing that I wrote yesterday! Holy moly must be one of the top read articles on my site! xoxo