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Meal Prep May 14th 2016

I feel so much better this week than last! Oh that fatigue was killing me. I’m pretty sure it’s related to seasonal allergies but the thing is that allergies are related to gut and immune health so since I’m this kind of person who like to get the the root of the issue I am investigating. I have an appointment with my Naturopath next week and am looking into functional medicine, any recommendations?

The thing about celiac is that it is an autoimmune disease and when you have one autoimmune disease/disorder you are more likely to have others. Things like MS and Rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and even endometriosis are autoimmune diseases (there 100+!) so it’s important that you understand the root of whatever health condition you have. Essentially that s the thing, you have a condition. Having a condition means you need to treat yourself in a certain way. You must take care of you and the condition and much of that can be done through specific nutritional protocols for your needs. I help a lot of women (and a few guys) with this. It’s a big part of the nutrition coaching I do because it’s so close to my heart. I know how much better I feel when I eat in a way that honours my body’s needs and I want to help you feel the same.

Salads work for me - not everyone
Salads work for me – not everyone


Ok so this week’s meal prep happened on Saturday instead of Sunday because we are celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary tomorrow! A little trip to Montebello for brunch, should be fun.

(update- a little photo collage ;))

Montebello! 6 year anniversary!
Montebello! 6 year anniversary!

The next thing I want to share is that I am now part of the 200g carb club with my kick ass Team Norton. This is pretty cool considering I was stuck at about 100g of carbs for a long time. My nutrition coach and mentor is amazing in that he is authentic and honest and smart as shit and cares so much for his athletes is awesome. He basically helped me reverse my intake up to 120g protein, 200g carbs and 52g fat so far. The goal is to maintain where I’m at now and aim for 250g carbs and 70g fat. Exciting, that’s a lot of food for a little girl under 5 ft tall 😛

Now all that said reverse dieting is so misunderstood and I will write more about it in a separate post but I just want to say that when you do it you have to be prepared for some weight gain. Not everyone can ramp up calories without gaining some body fat ant the worse off your metabolism is the more likely you will gain. I’ll talk about this in a full post because it’s too much for here though!

Food this week has been fun. I’ve been playing around with yuca root and I’ve been using it to replace the desire for bread type things which aren’t that easy to create with my current dietary restrictions (because of the Autoimmune issues I was talking about).

I’ve made burgers and empanadas and sandwiches galore. I’ll be posting these recipes because for those of you with dietary restrictions (or strict Paleo) you need this in your life. Hahah.



Yuca - mini pizza, buns etc
Yuca – mini pizza, buns etc
Ham sammie
Ham sammie

Protein wise I made the following:

  • Pork Sausages
  • Turkey burgers
  • Empanada filling with Venison
  • Apple Sage & Chicken Breakfast sausages
    (with added dried cranberries and maple syrup – because carbs :P)
  • Salmon
  • Marinating beef flank for the grill Monday night (+ chimmichurri)
  • Marinating Chicken breast with skin and bone on for the grill this week

I didn’t have enough food prepared last week and I ended up at Farm Boy for salads or sashimi a few times or coming home really hungry after work with of which I would prefer to avoid when I can so food galore this week. lol



Carbs + Fat:

  • Plantain cooked in a little coconut oil (tostones)
  • Plantain chips (bought)
  • Veggies roasted (cauli, brocoli, Japanese sweet potato, onion, garlic + evoo)
  • Roasted potato, onion and garlic for my hubby
  • Lemon Coconut & Blueberry Protein muffins (for my hubby – GF + DF)
  • Fruit (raw/cooked/frozen)
  • Raw veggies/salads  as usual
  • Dressings (lemon garlic is my go-to)
  • coconut milks and oil (and ice cream)
  • Omega3 oil (key lime flavoured currently)
  • Avocado
  • Plus fat from the protein sources

Yummy week ahead! I like feeling prepared and well fed.