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Meal Prep May 23rd 2016

This might be the quickest and shorted meal prep and post I’ve ever done hahah.

First long weekend of the summer and amazing weather meant we went to the lake to hang with buddies. That’s way more important than meal prep and especially great for our health and stress management 😉

I had some elaborate plans for today’s food prep but the weather was amazing and I really wasn’t in the mood to cook so I changed my mind and left the cooking for later. I’m still going to eat exactly as I always do – according to my goals, macros and digestion (and tastebud) needs  – but with a little less pizzaz.

Basically we got home tonight and I turned on the oven and threw in two chicken breasts and a big slab of salmon that I sprinkled with Herbamere.

I peeled a huge Japanese sweet potato (550g) and microwaved it for a bit to pre cook and save time. Then I chopped it and tossed with a little evoo (7g) and some more Herbamere. That went in the oven with the salmon and chicken. Oh and before you make a comment about microwaves read this article. Let’s stay grounded beauties….even as holistic nutritionistas 😉

Lastly I broke up a head of broccoli by hand and divided it amount 4 containers, it will cook when I reheat the meals to eat them.  That gives me 4 lunch meals (35p/31C/6F) plus protein for my after work meal (usually a huge salad) each day.

I had made another batch of my breakfast sausages and pan fried plantains for breakfast yesterday and when I did that I doubled it so I had enough for the week.


Essentially all that that covers breakfasts and lunches and a little more and it took no time tonight, maybe 30 min?

I’ll make extra diner each night this week for hubby’s lunches and if I have some time I’ll also make another batch of my lemon coconut blueberry protein muffins, he loves these! So good.

Sometimes less fuss and just the bare basics in trade of time with friends and a little sunshine is a perfect decision.

Chat soon!



meal prep
meal prep