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Meal Prep Nov 27th 2016


This was a busy weekend for me. My hubby and I attended a full day condenses pre natal class today which was actually great and I’m happy to recommend it. It’s the OCEA Pre Natal Course with Misty Pratt.  Yesterday I presented at the saf camp and last night was spent the night with friends It ended up being a late so I’m pretty tired now!

I snuck some meal prep in there on Saturday morning. Basically all I did was make a soup and a cake. Both of which are my go to recipes and are quick and easy.

The soup in my minestrone(esque). This is a soup that I make often with whatever I have on hand. Here is one version of the recipe. The version I made yesterday I used alb of ground chicken and 1lb of ground turkey, carrots, celery kale, peas and onion and garlic. I also used some leftover pasta sauce instead of strained tomatoes and some of the chicken broth I made last week. I omitted the beans. That’s it. So simple and it’s really forgiving. I brought some with us for lunch today and we will have it for most of this week’s lunches.

Minetrone soup
Minetrone soup

The cake I made is the Peach and Blueberry cake from Joyous Health that I’ve linked to before. This time I made it with Persimmons although  I’d say I like it with peaches better. We had some (along with coconut milk vanilla ice cream,) with our friends yesterday and the rest Juan and I will have with our lunches. I like this cake, it’s not too sweet and the texture and flavour is good. Ingredients are great.

Gluten free, dairy free cake
Gluten free, dairy free cake

Basically that’s it. I’ll make a quick dinner now (because we had this soup for lunch already) and I plan on doing one of my go to pasta recipes. I’ll use my chickpea or lentil pasta to keep protein up. I’m either going to make pasta with pesto and chicken or my tuna pasta which is great. Now that I type this though I’m thinking the pesto is just quicker (like 8 minutes lol) plus I have some leftover chicken breast to use up that I can easily add in so that will work.


What do you think?