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Meal Prep November 29th 2015


I’m a little late posting this because Sunday was a long day! I drove to Montreal and back to be part of the judging panel for Physique Canada, a natural bodybuilding show. Physique Canada is different than Serious About Fitness in that there are both men and women competing and the focus is more on physique (muscle density, conditioning, symmetry and aesthetic) and less on on beauty and presentation. Less pageant more bodybuilding/physique type contest. The absolute best part of it though is it’s a natural drug tested event. Truly tested not just saying it is. Many federation claim they test but they do not. This one does both in and out of contest and that’s really exciting because it’s very hard to find in this industry.

Here is a photo of the line up! Impressive athletes.

Physique Canada - ProGym Coupe Nov 29th 2015
Physique Canada – ProGym Coupe Nov 29th 2015

That was my Sunday so meal prep happened a bit sporadically over Saturday and even Friday and Sunday. I actually had a totally crazy week, work was nuts, my hormones were nuts and everything was off routine. I even missed 3 training sessions which is really unlike me. Life.

Anyway I picked up the groceries Friday night and made another batch of coconut yogurt. It’s really turning out well and this time the texture was good so I’m getting close to posting. I also made another couple batches of the protein cookies I’ve been talking about. Here’s the recipe for one of them! 🙂

I prepped turkey breasts and a pork tenderloin in a couple marinades to cook up on Saturday.  The Turkey I sliced up really thinly and marinated it a gluten free teriyaki sauce I have. The pork tenderloin went in a marinade I made up consisting of apple cider vinegar, dijon mustard, honey, olive oil, garlic powder and herbs.

Saturday I also had a really busy day so when I made my breakfast I made a big batch for the week. I made a breakfast skillet that is pretty much this recipe just without forming patties and adding kale. I also roasted plantain using my AirFryer for the sake of ease.

Later in the day before we went out I cooked up a couple chicken breasts smothered in pesto, the turkey breast and roasted the pork tenderloin while making dinner. Multitasking at it’s finest!

The turkey became part of a strifry where all I did was spiralized sweet potato, zucchini and turnip sauteed it and divided into containers for the week. Really easy.

That was it! It was kind of rushed and all over the place but I got it done and it’s all tasty and meets my nutritional needs for the week ahead.

Sometimes it’s just about getting it done.



Meal Prep!
Meal Prep!