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Meal Prep October 10th 2016 – Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I love this holiday. The weather, the food, the fam and the thanks. It’s perfect.

My Nephew. Look at that face! xoxox
My Nephew ready to eat. Look at that face! xoxox
This weekend I decided to cook up a little 10lb turkey for dinner on Saturday night. I figured I would have done a chicken anyway so why not get a little extra meat out of it. I did it with roast potatoes and Brussels sprouts and ended up with lots left over for other meals. (sadly didn’t take a picture – oops!)

I was going to make my pot pie with the turkey but didn’t bother, I’ll just have leftovers as they are for tomorrow. I might do the pot pie later this week.

We celebrated with family at my parents today and I got to take home a bunch of leftovers from that too! Now I’ve got ham and pumpkin pie to add to my week of leftovers. Woohoo.

Mamma's cooking. Yum!
Mamma’s cooking. Yum!
I plan on having ham for breakfast along with my toast and peanut butter and some fruit.

I’ll have the turkey, potato and brussels sprouts for lunch and go from there for dinners.

Meal Prep!
Meal Prep!
Hubby has a friend coming to stay this week and is off work plus it’s a short week so this should work fine.

No real meal prep needed this week. Big win for great leftovers and flexible dieting!

Thanksgiving for Penelope (and Missy) too!
Thanksgiving for Penelope (and Missy) too!