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Meal Prep October 16th 2016

Hello Sunday Meal Prep! How is it Sunday already? Where does the time go!?

Last week my digestion was off and I didn’t feel great overall. That could be baby but it could also be some of the food choices I made. I had a few things daily that I don’t normally,  like pumpkin pie – yum. My sister made it and the ingredients in it are technically fine for me allergy wise but it’s possible that it was just too much of some specific thing over the week. Living with food intolerance’s and sensitive digestion is always tricky and a bit of a puzzle. In any case this week I decided to go back to a few meals that I know work well.

For breakfast I made my beloved apple sage breakfast sausages. I added dried cranberries and maple syrup to up the carbs since I need them at the moment. I’ll have these with brown rice toast and peanut butter. My current favourite peanut butter is the organic bulk PB from Bulk Barn. Just peanuts and sea salt and it’s so good!

For lunch I made my Gingered Curry Shepherd’s pie. This version I added spinach along with carrots, peas and onions. It’s really tasty, allows me to hide the protein so my weird food aversions are under control while still getting a solid meal in me. Plus it’s pretty easy to make and makes a big batch. It’s a favourite in our house and I’ll be making this for my pre baby freezer meals that I plan on prepping before baby comes (on my giant to-do list!).

I made Joyous Health’s Peach and Blueberry cake. I really like this recipe. Easy, not too sweet, great ingredients, and my hubby and I both like it.

We have a friend staying with us this week so I also prepped a tomato beef sauce that I’ll use for a gluten free and lactose free lasagna we will have for dinner one night. I also plan on a roast chicken another night. Not sure about the rest just yet. Maybe fish one night and soup another.

I’ve got lots of salad, veggies and fruit to eat as usual too.

That’s it! All that took just over an hour.

Meal Prep
Meal Prep