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Meal Prep October 4th + Food Reactions

I was feeling really good the last 10 days or so and them boom another reaction. So annoying! I went out to eat and was really careful with my food choices except for some reason decided to have tofu. Soy isn;t something on my ‘safe list’ but it also wasn’t on my officially not safe list either. I figured I’d try it. Bad idea. The reaction started Wednesday and is starting to clear today. The symptoms come in waves starting with fatigue, mental fog, sticky eyelids, overall swelling/water retention, stomach pain and diharrhea. It goes on for a few days and seems to end with itchy, cracking and bleeding skin eruptions on my toes that are similar to eczema flare ups. Sorry if that was too much info but thought I’d share seeing as how so many people suffer with food intolerances unknowingly. Sometimes I have only a few of those symptoms but in strong reactions it’s all of them. Although it’s possible it could have been something else I ate I think it’s safe to say tofu is off the menu for me for a while.

So all that said my reaction made me all the more motivated to meal prep. Having food I know is safe, meets my needs in terms of physique goals and energy requirements etc and of course is delicious really make restricting my food choices very tolerable. Still annoying but not terrible and necessary.

I pretty much roasted almost everything today. It was a perfect cool day so all the windows open and the oven on was really nice.

For protein options:

  • I made a batch of my apple sage breakfast sausages with a spin, a new version. Apple Cranberry Orange breakfast sausages. So good. I’ll post the recipe this week.
  • Salmon seasoned with lemon, garlic, dijon, dill & lemon stevia, salt and pepper
  • Chicken breasts seasoned wit Italian herbs
  • Turkey Sausages
  • Whole roast chicken seasoned with lemon, garlic and chives
  • Boiled eggs
  • Protein supplement like Genuine Health Fermented Protein powder and Collagen




Carb sources:

  • Double baked sweet potatoes
  • Oven roasted PattyPan zucchini with sea salt
  • Vegetable soup
  • Pumpkin Soup (with a whole fresh pumpkin from the farm!)
  • Oven roasted corn cobs (in the husk!)
  • Prepped veggies and toppings for salads


Right now most of my fats will come from the meats I eat plus oils, avocado, olives, coconut milk, and maybe some dark chocolate and sugar free coconut milk ice cream.

That will cover most meals the next 5 days!

What are you guys prepping?


Meal prep
Meal prep