meal prep

Meal Prep Sept 17th

I had a busy weekend! As I mentioned in my 17 week pregnancy post, Saturday included a 7:30am shop at Out Grow Out Play then had a  coffee diet, car appraisal, client check ins, article writing, impromptu visit with my sister and meal prep. Sunday was a day trip to Montreal.

I did meal prep yesterday because I’m in Montreal for the day for the SAF camp. The October show is just a few weeks away so the camp should be fun.

For this week I made several things using ground meat. I’m finding it’s the easiest for me to eat at the moment. During the day I still have trouble tolerating pieces of meat or chicken. It’s a weird pregnancy thing but I just can’t do it. Dinner seems to be fine. I can have a steak or roast chicken no problem. I also seem to be ok if it’s served to me at a restaurant. Go figure. I guess lunch out is a good idea 😉

I typically stick with ground beef, chicken and turkey. I can’t do ground pork, we just ate so much as kids I’m not into it these days. I do like ground elk and venison when I can find it.

I made a quick pasta sauce using ground beef and this tomato sauce I like when I’m lazy. The ingredients are awesome. I’m still aiming to eat beef at least 3x a week so this helps with that. I also marinated a beef flank for dinner one night. It’s really great on the BBQ

I made a batch of my tacos using ground chicken and ground turkey. I like this with veggies, salsa, avocado and cheese and sometime rice or crackers or a wrap. I’m loving goat cheddar at the moment. Seems to digest well for me as long as I don’t have too much. The fresh salsa farm Farm Boy is my favourite.

For brekkie, I made my apple sage breakfast sausages but used pear instead because I didn’t have any apples. I was going to cook up some butternut squash too much I ran out of energy to cur it all up. I’ll do that later this week.

I boiled half a dozen eggs and also baked a couple chicken breast and fish filet, halibut this week. I also baked a Daiya gluten free and dairy free pizza – these are actually pretty good! I had half for dinner last night and I’ll have the other likely half tomorrow. I add chicken to them to up the protein .


The other thing I made was another batch of Joy’s peach cake but this time I added hemp protein and strawberries. Pretty good!

That’s it! Happy prepping 🙂

p.s sorry I slacked on the photos, I was in a rush.