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Meal Prep Sept 20th 2015

This is my absolute favourite weather! Omigosh, hot sun, cool breeze, no humidity. We took our bike to the gym this morning and it was such a nice ride. Then I had the windows open while I prepare some food for this coming week. Ahhh fall.

I changed things up a little this week. Instead of prepping each meal for the next 5 work days I prepped several dinners or parts of dinners that will lead to left overs.

I don’t always know what I’m going to make on Sundays. Sometime I have a really solid plan and I’ve shopped for specific ingredients and have recipes ready but a lot of the time I buy the staple animal protein sources and then dig around in my fridge to see what I’ve got in there.

With the veggie delivery basket I get weekly I’m often left with lots of leafy green vegetables that I need to use up. Ones that I may never have cooked before.

Today was like that. My fridge was way too full. We had friends over last night so I had a punch of ‘party’ food leftovers plus groceries and the last veggie delivery. I basically emptied it out and assessed the situation. Essentially a lot of asian greens that will be perfect for strir fry and soups and a lot of kale and spinach plus a couple beets that I’ll use for salads. Zucchini, red pepper and tomatoes that were at the end of their life and in the fridge to extend them which wasn’t doing them any favours.. Haha. (For best taste keep you tomatoes on the counter not in the fridge). I used those items for sauce.

On top of the shrimp, mahi mahi, beef roast and whole chicken I have in the freezer I picked up chicken breasts, a ground chicken, pork tenderloin and turkey sausages.

Here’s what I prepped:

  1. Made breakfast 5 days: Apple Sage Breakfast Sausages
  2. Lunch Two days: Kale + Spinach salad with steamed beets, dried cherries, red onion, sliced tigernuts , chicken and a simple balsamic dressing. (36P/31C/6F)
  3. 4 servings of pasta sauce with ground chicken (21P/12C/6F)
  4. Porkloin sliced and set to marinate in a mix of coconut (soy) sauce, rice wine vinegar, onion, garlic and ginger powder. To cook and have with sautéed broccolini, asian cabbage and bok choi
  5. Prepped fresh veggies for quick access
  6. Seasoned and cooked chicken breasts
  7. Made a batch of protein cookies (still tweaking this recipe but soo good!)
  8. Cooked 6 ears of corn. (So easy to just reheat and eat)
  9. Hardboiled half dozen eggs
  10. Baked tortillas to make ‘chips’ (cut them up and bake them about 10min until crispy)

As always I’ll add in fruit, smoothies, salads, healthy fats and a few treats as needed to round off my macros needs.

Meal prep can be done in all sorts of ways. The important thing is that it saves you time and helps you make great food choices that support your goals over the course of the week. As always, I hope this gives you some ideas!



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