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Meal Prep Sept 4/5th 2016

Happy Labour Day! Oh long weekends. *heart*

I did meal prep in bits an pieces this weekend, it just worked out better for my energy level, mood and schedule.

Sunday morning  I baked a cake. Juan lost a dear friend in a motorcycle accident on Saturday night and we found out Sunday morning. It’s all so sad and somehow baking a cake soothed me a bit. RIP Marcello, we love you.

This is the cake I made and it’s delicious. It’s not overly sweet which I appreciate and I love using fruit in baking especially such beautiful in season bounty 🙂 I ended up using only peaches because I had quite a few really ripe local Ontario peaches and not too many berries. I really liked it on it’s own or with a little coconut cream. Yum!

If you haven’t been following Joy from Joyous Health I suggest you do. She is fabulous and was one of my first mentors when deciding to get into the Holistic Nutritionist program. She’s based out of Toronto and comes to Ottawa for talks quite often. I love her vibe.

Gluten free peach cake
Gluten free peach cake
So basically I made the cake Sunday morning. Then we went to visit some friends on the water in Burnstown. We had dinner there and came home pretty late so I obviously didn’t do any cooking Sunday night like I would normally.

For breakfast today and the rest of the work week I made another batch of my Apple Sage breakfast sausage patties. I’m so happy to see apples coming back into season! I had made a batch sometime last week because I wasn’t feeling it with the Amaranth fritters I had planned on. If you read my pregnancy update you saw that I had a migraine and headaches almost all week this past week which was nasty. The midwife described it as part of a hormonal storm plus tension but just incase it was triggered my some of the food I reintroduced last week, I decided to go back to more of an AIP/Paleo nutrition strategy. I feel my best when eating that way and I wonder if all the legumes from last week didn’t agree with me. In addition to the headaches I also had a lot of bloating and just felt off. Feeling better today so I’ll stick to that plan for this week.

I made my gingered curry shepherd’s pie for dinner tonight with the idea that it will be our lunches for a. I used what veggies I had for it and that included heirloom carrots and radishes. I also used half of a white sweet potatoes and half orange.

so good Gingered Curry Shepherd's Pie
so good Gingered Curry Shepherd’s Pie
While the oven was on I threw in cooked up a few chicken breasts with harissa spice and a really nice piece of salmon with that hot pepper coulis I mentioned a few weeks ago that will go on salads etc. My hubby doesn’t love salmon (weirdo!) so it’s mostly for me on his late nights working.

I have a beef tip roast marinating for the grill that we will have with my chimichiurri this week. I’ve got to make sure I get enough iron in the next few weeks so I’ll be me making sure I’m eating enough red meat along with all my greens.

That’s all I did. I had plans for a few other recipes but bailed and decided I can do them during the week if I want or just put them on next weeks dinner. I’ve got time to make dimmer this week so I just need lunches and breakfast ready. It was a pretty easy meal prep doing it that way and thank goodness because we cleaned out the storage room and tidied the house plus did laundry, took the dogs for a walk and a million other things today (including something fun that I’ll post coming up soon) and I’m exhausted! My stamina is currently not what it was pre-pregnancy.

At least some belly and baby friendly meals are ready! 😉

Baby belly!
Baby belly!