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Meal Prep Sept 6th 2015

I had a really rough week with my stomach last week. Pain and distention all week and a full-blown attack on Thursday. So annoying. I’ve got a post coming with a more detailed update on the latest test results coming this week and I posted several post this past week including one about my training here, one about my progress, current shape and goals here and a bit about my thoughts on dieting here.  Also my thoughts on judging SAF and a discount code on supplements! Busy writing week 😉

This beautiful summer long weekend was filled with sunshine, relaxation, bike rides, hill sprints, workouts, a fav restaurant, few treats and some serious house cleaning that included steaming the carpets! So satisfying! 😉

Anyway about meal prep, because of all the trouble I had last week I’m going back to the ‘safe’ diet. The autoimmune protocol that seems to work well for me. I’ll avoid grains, nuts, eggs and legumes for most of next week and see what happens. My plan is to focus on green leafy veggies, fruit, lean and safe fat sources like olives and coconut oil. Hopefully I can get the reactions under control in time for my travels to Toronto for the SAF show!

Here’s what I’ve got on the menu.

For protein sources I’ve got baked Mahi Mahi with lemon, sea salt and sumac. Baked chicken breasts with oregano. Extra lean turkey bacon. Extra lean ground chicken cooked as a breakfast sausage. Remember my fave apple sage breakfast sausages? They are back. I also cooked a 1lb of lean ground chicken seasoned with coconut aminos, fresh ginger, onion and garlic. Kind of like an asian inspired mince that I’ll have with sautéed greens. I also supplement often with collagen as a protein source. It’s totally pure, flavorless and it dissolves in hot and cold liquid.  You can buy it here.

Carb sources will come from sautéed greens like swiss chard, Chinese cabbage, bok choy, collard greens and kale. Also my beloved salads which I prepped a few veggies for and some fruit.

I used the BBQ for dinner and when I do that I always make sure to make extra for the week. I threw on a whole chicken for the first time. I just cut it on half, seasoned it with harissa spice and lemon juice and put in on the grill breast down with a cast iron pan on top to flatten it. Turned out great! I also cooked a packed of extra lean sausages plus grilled some zucchini and a few whole corn on the cob. Cooking with the husks on like I mentioned last week makes thing so easy!

Add in fats, mainly oils, olives coconut, and I’ve got a solid week of belly friendly foods that still meet my macros. Goals are to settle my gut reactions but still continue to lose body fat.

I played around with a grain free/sugar free cookie that seems to be great plus of course the nice cream I’m going to share with you.

I’ll be travelling next weekend and will bring my food with me so I’ll prepare a little differently for that and will post something for you so you can see.

Cheers to the summer beauties!




Meal Prep
Meal Prep