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Meal Prep September 13th 2015

Ok, how the heck didi it become fall so fast?? It was freezing in Toronto this weekend too.

Yes I was in the GTA for the SAF show! I’m sure you know that already but just in case you didn’t haha. The show was great, the trip was whirlwind. I got home late last night, past midnight and burnt from driving in the storm the whole way. I’m sure feeling it today. Wowza.

Anyway because if all that today’s meal prep was pretty bare minimum. I kept things similar to what I did last week with the food sources that seems safe for my digestive system.

  1. Roasted chicken breasts seasoned with Italian herbs and sea salt.
  2. Roasted Caribbean yam (the red skinned white sweet potatoes) tossed in cinnamon, garlic powder and sea salt
  3. Roasted heirloom patty pan zucchini
  4. Salads w/fresh veggies and the above chicken plus dressing
  5. Apple Sage Breakfast Sausages (with double cinnamon, the way I like them)
  6. Boiled eggs (for the hubs)

I’ll add in smoothies, fruit (Apples are back! Woohoo my favourite!), fish, beef and more greens to round out the days.

That’s it, I’m out! 😉


meal prep