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Meal Prep Sunday August 7th 2016

What a nice weekend! This weather is just so good and I got to enjoy it on a few patios. My birthday is Tuesday so I was spoiled with a few favourite meals. 1)Burgers and 2) fish tacos. Hubby took me to my fave all gluten free spot in our hood called Aperitivio last night. I love the tacos (and everything!) there. So good! Forgot to take photos of the tacos and birthday cake and all the other goodies at Aperitivo – sorry! Here’s the burger though 🙂

Gluten free burger from Joey's at Landsdowne
Gluten free burger from Joey’s at Landsdowne

I’ll also have a Friday work lunch this week so that’s fun and one less meal to prep today 😉

Since being pregnant my appetite has been really strange and it makes meal prep a little tricky. I find that I’m not able to eat the same thing all week like I could before and I also find my hunger is unpredictable. When I used to have a solid meal and wait 4-5 before needing to again I can’t currently do that. I have to snack more to manage the nausea and I’m either very hungry or have no appetite and nothing is appealing.

With all that said I’ve still been doing my best to eat 20-30g protein per meal and hit my target macros by the end of the day as best I can. To do that I just have to be a bit more flexible daily and have lots of options to choose from when hunger strikes.

This week my appetite has been a bit better and I’ve been enjoying lots of gluten free breads. Sandwiches, bagels, pita bread and burgers are currently lovely. Hahah. I’m appreciating the extra carbs with my reverse diet. 225g baby!

So this week I’m working with what seems to be yummy to me these days. I made the same banana bread as I linked to in last week’s post but added protein to it to help keep my overall protein up. I also topped it with pumpkin seeds because they are a powerhouse of nutrition and good for my little babe growing. I could post this recipe tweak actually, it works well. Let me know if you want it.

I made a variety of protein sources:

  • Wild salmon and chicken breasts both smothered in kale pesto
  • Southwestern Chicken sausages
  • Mini turkey meatloaves that I shoved full of random veggies and topped with tomato sauce and goat feta
  • I also marinated a beef sirloin tip in balsamic, evoo and my chimichurri for tomorrow’s dinner
Multitasking - all on the same pan. Why not!?
Multitasking – all on the same pan. Why not!?

I’ve got pasta and meat sauce and a roast chicken on the dinner menu for this week too plus salad with everything always (sometimes when you don’t feel great it’s just easiest to stick to the basics 😉 ). I always try and make enough dinner to have leftovers for other lunch options.

For lunches I also cut up a bunch of veggies and will have them with hummus and GF pita (and chicken too if I can tolerate it- still having a hard time with chicken!)

I can’t do smoothies any more either, well the protein powder anyway. I can’t currently stand the smell or taste – weird I know and really annoying! I made a breakfast sausage similar to my apple sage ones but with blueberries and thyme. I’m hoping they will work for me in the morning because I’m having a hard time getting a good amount of protein in for breakfast right now. I had ham and goat cheese on a bagel today. That was good. I may do that again too although I’m trying not to over do with adding all the grains back in and overdosing lol. No really, just trying to make sure I still feel good eating it all. So far my stomach has been good! Fingers crossed all those wacky new intolerances that came up after the parasite fiasco just stay gone this whole pregnancy and beyond.

I had a bag of heirloom carrots that were already grated so I made a salad I love using carrots, green onion and raisins (or cranberries) tossed in a dressing of sesame and olive oil, lemon juice, rice wine vinegar, lemon and honey. So freaking good!

The only other thing I did was I made a pot of brown jasmine rice and lentils that will mostly for my hubby to have with the meatloaf.

That’s it for today! We are off to hang and eat with friends this afternoon and evening so got meal prep done and out of the way. Netflix will be on deck when we get home tonight 😉

Happy Sunday beauties!


Meal Prep
Meal Prep