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Meal Prep Sunday Jan 8th 2016

Today was spent at another prenatal course so I improvised a bit for mealprep. This Sunday and next Sunday we are taking a course called Bringing Baby Home through the OCEA.

Today the class ran 9-4 and then we stopped to run a few errands and had shawarma for dinner (so we didn’t have to cook and clean up!)

We got home close to 6 and I had figured ahead of time that I wouldn’t want to spend anytime on meal prep after all that. Thank goodness for forethought and crockpots. I’m pooped and am writing this from the bathtub. Ha!

Last night before we went to bed I prepared this delicious curry crock pot meal. I tweaked it a bit and used red curry paste, almond butter and butternut squash and omitted the red pepper. I used full fat coconut milk because I want the extra fats but it works well with light too. I’ve made this a few times already with several variations and posted about it. It’s great!

When we got home tonight I put on a pot of brown rice. By the time I was done my bath, the rice was ready.

That’s it. That’s meal prep. Lunches anyway. Oh how I love flexible dieting and understanding great nutrition! So far gone are the days of eating chicken or tilapia 5x day. Thank goodness I know better now!  😉