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MealPrep Feb 15th 2016

Happy Family day beauties! Happy Valentine’s day too 🙂

Happy Valentine's!
Happy Valentine’s!

This weekend was jam packed with family and friends and such a great break. The cold was little tough especially for my little fur babies but we managed by staying in quite a bit. I wrote a blog post while stuck inside on Saturday.

We had a few meals out and in general I was pretty exuberant with my nutrition protocol this past week/weekend. What I mean is I started to add things back into my daily eats that I’ve been avoiding because of my newly developed food sensitivities. It was probably a bit too much at once I had some eggs. grains – in the form of toast and crackers, even some dairy, lactose free mind you but still a bit risky. Plus a few restaurant meals which can also be risky. My actual digestion wasn’t too bad at all but I did notice an increase in bloating, feeling really tired and my skin reacted with the splitting and peeling it does.

So because of all this I’m back to the autoimmune protocol I’ve mentioned before. It usually helps within a couple days.

Because carb intake is on the higher side these days so I made sure to make enough volume so I’m not temped to go for the toast.I decided to roast a huge amount of veggies again this week. I like to do that especially in the winter and I had the farm delivery this week so I had quite a bit of veggies to use up anyway. I roasted beets, sweet potato, heirloom carrots, onion, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower and kale. Enough that I’ll have 50g carbs worth for my post workout meal.

Additional carbs will include plantain which I sliced and roasted, another sweet potato in big slices to use as sort of a toast and spiralled carrots that I’ll use in salads or as noodles and a flat bread made from yuca. I used this recipe and just didn’t top it. I use this for my pizza too, it’s a great grain free alternative for those who need it.

Yuca flat bread

Protein includes roasted chicken breasts and turkey sausages, apple sage breakfast patties (I used maple syrup instead of stevia for the added glucose /carbs I wanted) and mini meatloaves for my hubby. He’ll have those with basmati rice. I’ve got some fish and beef for dinners too.

Meal Prep
Meal Prep

I made my chocolate chip protein cookies again but they don’t turn out as well as the other batch so Now I’m still fiddling with them, sorry! I may also bake some muffins tonight but I’m pretty pooped now so that may get postponed in favour of Netflix 😉

That sums it up!

Oh and also I have a give away for one of my fave diary free, coconut milk based ice creams. Enter, I’ll draw a winner in 3 days!!