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Move On

In a past blog post, I talked about breaking up and moving on. You may have also attended the awesome Break Up and Move event at Ottawa U or one of the other 5 Canadian universities involved in the global initiative. Each event included free yoga, delicious snacks and a discussion with women”s heath and relationship experts. In case you missed it, be sure to check out event photos below.

Now it”s time to take action! Implement the changes you want to make. Whatever it is you want to ditch, just do it. Find a better way that works for you!

When I identify something that”s not working – for me personally or for my clients – I always start with the question “why”? Why isn”t it working? Sometimes we don”t know, but often, if we dig deep enough, we do. Sometimes it”s a matter of talking it out with your friends, a professional, your dog or even just to yourself through reflection, journal writing or meditation. Once you start to question it, very often the answers present themselves.

Once the “why” is understood, we can begin to work on the ‘how’. How are you going to get in shape, quit smoking, break up with the wrong guy, change your eating habits for good, feel better or get healthy? Whatever it is, make a plan. How are you going to make the change, baby steps? Cold turkey? Hire a pro to help you? Are there other options? Could you try something else that is similar? This is where you do your research. There must be another option out there! You can”t be the only one struggling with this issue. Get committed to the cause and find a way out.

I spoke about nutrition in my last post. I identified that restrictive “diets” didn”t work for me. Why? Because if I felt restricted and deprived, causing my cravings to get out of whack, in turn triggering me to overeat things I wouldn”t normally choose to eat once the restrictive phase is over. It always resulted in guilt, weight gain and general unhappiness. I needed to find another way to reach my physique goals and manage my nutrition needs, and I did. I identified why it wasn”t online casino gids working, realized I couldn”t be the only one who felt that way, did my research and found many other options. I educated myself, applied the knowledge, listened to my body and it worked! Now I strive to help others in the same situation.

I speak with so many people who say “oh well, I”ve always done it that way”, “it”s life”, “that”s how it is”, “I”ve been taking that for years” or “I always feel bad when’,”everybody does it”. What the heck?! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Just because you are doing something a certain way doesn”t mean it can”t be changed.

I’m happy to be a part of the Break Up and Move campaign and I hope my posts have helped inspire you to change something in your life that”s not working for you.

If the birth control pill is something you are considering breaking up with, is a great resource to see what other options, including long-acting reversible contraception, are out there.


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