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With so many mixed messages out there from different coaches, websites, fads, diets like Bernstein, Paleo, IIFYM, Clean Eating, Cleanses and “bro diets” etc., it can be really hard to know what are the right choices. The reality we are all biochemically different with different needs and we all have different goals. With a little knowledge, planning and creativity you can have the physique you want and also enjoy delicious and satisfying food.

One of my biggest personal challenges when it came to preparing for fitness competitions was the food. I love to eat and I want to eat a variety of delicious and nutritious food. In addition to that, I was diagnosed as celiac since in the 80’s and have a very sensitive digestive system so I must take special care with my nutrition choices. As much as there are foods some pf us must avoid, I don’t agree with overly restricting yourself when unnecessary or labeling food as good or bad. Our bodies and minds need a variety of nutrients and taste sensations and the key is tuning into what works best for you.

My philosophy starts with holistic nutrition fundamentals with an emphasis on great digestion and is blended with IIFYM techniques and Metabolic Effect practices to manage your hunger cravings and energy allowing you to get lean and fit in a sustainable and maintainable way. The fitbeauties approach to nutrition is based on balance, variety, moderation and taste, all white satisfying your nutritional needs. How many of us have been told to live on a diet of chicken and sweet potato to get lean? Healthy food can be a delicious balance of  whole delicious foods including fresh veggies, fruit, whole grains, fats and protein as well as treats sprinkled in, all within moderation.  I don’t believe in extremes in nutrition. I believe in balanced, sustainable, enjoyable and effective nutrition that suits you best.

As a holistic nutritionist and certified nutrition coach with a deep rooted passion for health and a true love of culinary delights as well as significant experience dealing with ongoing digestive issues and autoimmune disorders, I can absolutely help you find your healthy and satisfying way of eating that aligns with your goals. Together we will look at variety of holistic and outcome based approaches including specific protocols, nutrient timing, variety and volume. We will work together to find harmony with food through proper nutrition and delicious, nutritious, flexible and enjoyable meal planning. The focus will include whole food choices that appeal to YOU and your goals with the mission of teaching you how to carry on and do it on your own.

Two areas that I focus most of my practice around on are optimal digestion and gut health and planning ahead through meal preparation and bulk cooking. I offer ongoing meal prep workshops, and online nutrition coaching as well as single consultative sessions and custom plans depending on your needs. I can help whether it be to repair your gut, improve your digestion, maximize your metabolism, reverse diet, loose fat, gain muscle, increase your endurance, get off the ‘diet train’ or just simply spice up your current meal plan. I can teach you how to determine how much food, calories, macro-nutrients you need and I can also teach you how to plan and prepare it. I’d love to help!

It’s no secret that ‘diets’ don’t work in the long term. “Dieting” is a temporary state but learning how to choose and prepare the right foods to fuel your goals and maximize your health is something that will stay with you forever.

Our work together will be mostly online so we can connect from anywhere in the world.

Read here for more info or Contact me here for more info and let’s get started! 🙂


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