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NYE 2015! Reflection, Gratitude & Growth

Here we are, the end of 2015. Another year in the books.

It’s so easy to set goals but before we do that let’s reflect. How do you feel? How was your year? What makes your year a good one?

Some years I’ve felt really happy to be moving on. It felt like a fresh start after a rough year. I remember a few of those years, one rough one in particular included the loss of my beloved grandma and aunt. That was a tough year for my entire family.

This year I don’t feel that way. I had a year full of ups and downs just the way life is but on a whole I can reflect back and feel pretty darn good about it.

Some pretty big life decisions were made this year including deciding to start a family, planning for our future and solid plans about where I want to take my fitbeauties business. My hubby also had some pretty big life changing moments including a new career path and a Canadian citizenship with voting rights in a country he loves.

From a health stand point my year was interesting. Last year’s December 31st post was very diffrent that the usual reflection as I had just had the parasite diagnosis after almost a year of feeling unwell. I’m just now really feeling better so most 2015 was spent on healing and recovering from that.  I didn’t walk around in a competition shape body and really I’m ok with that. Instead I really focused on wellness from the inside. Gut health, strength and vitality.

In 2015 I became an auntie to the sweetest little boy and a doggie mamma for the 2nd time to the most grateful rescue girl. I had the most amazing opportunity to shoot with Paul Buceta as a gift from SAF for the work I do there, I became a certified judge with one of the only solid drug tested natural bodybuilding federations around, many of my articles and recipes were published and I was recognized as a top Canadian fitness blogger. My blog traffic grew exponentially and I had the pleasure of connecting and working with many top brands and companies in the health, nutrition, fitness and beauty industry. I also had the absolute pleasure of working with some of the most genuine and amazing clients whom I adore helping.  I also had the amazing opportunity to work with one of the most advanced and influential industry leaders, Layne Norton, as my own coach and mentor.

These are just a few wonderful things that come to mind and for all of this I am so grateful.

I am confident in all that I’ve leaned about myself, my needs, my desires and my goals this past year and that brings so much clarity. As I look forward to 2016 I can say that I’m ready for all of it’s new and exciting challenges.

I look forward to trying, learning, growing, improving, understanding and forgiving.

I look forward to small daily things that bring me joy like amazing nutrition, training sessions every morning at GoodLife Fitness, snuggles with my furies, laughs with my hubby, chats with my sisters, friends and fam, kisses with my nephew and hopefully a beautiful and healthy pregnancy. Plus of course all the other good stuff life brings.

What are you grateful for? What are you looking forward to?

Happy New Year Fitbeautie!!

Cheers to health & happiness in 2016!


NYE 2015!

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