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NYE 2016! Reflection and Intentions

I just re-read last year’s post about New Year’s and I feel so grateful.

2016 was good to me. Ultimately I wanted to start a family and as I’m writing this I’m 8 months pregnant and can feel baby girl moving around inside me. This is 2016’s biggest gift to me.

I also had a year of good health after a few years struggling from the parasite and it’s aftermath and this is another amazing gift. I was able to repair my gut health as well find great balance with nutrition and training. I increased my metabolism through working with Layne Norton and reverse dieting. I spent the first half of the year focused on fertility and wellness and the rest focused on having (and enjoying) a very healthy pregnancy.

I feel such peace within, around my body and it’s capabilities, my nutrition and health and what lies ahead in 2017 and beyond.

This may be so different from setting a specific fitness or diet goal and so much more rewarding for me. Being comfortable in my body is important to me and so is self-love and acceptance. Inner peace around nutrition and health and being able to respect your body. All of this wasn’t without effort, attention and commitment. It was created through intention. I wanted it and worked for it.

I see 2017 as being a challenging year full of life change but also one of my most cherished. The intentions I set for next year are really about being a great mamma. Being a great mother may be my biggest new challenge but I also want to continue to be a great wife, coach, entrepreneur, sister, friend and daughter.

The word that comes to me is abundance. I ask for abundance in all things that will help me with this new stage of my life. Patience, acceptance, love, understanding, wisdom, strength and the financial means to make it all work when I’m not sure how.


One of my most favourite ways to end the year is to go back and look through Danielle Laporte’s book, The Desire Map, re-read this blog post I wrote and really think about what feels good. How do you want to feel. What are your core desired feelings? What are your words? What are your intentions for the year?

Happy New Year Beauties!


Oh for fun. This is my top 9 most liked Instagram photos from 2015 and 2016. See a difference? Lol