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6 weeks Pregnant

I hit 6 weeks this past Thursday!  This somewhat of a tiny milestone in that it’s halfway through my 1st trimester. Miscarriage is still common at this point but I’m staying positive and praying for a healthy happy pregnancy and baby.

Um that’s crazy, I find it such a crazy thing to say that I’m pregnant, I don’t know why….it’s just so strange haha.

So this last 2 weeks I found myself with some morning (actually all day) sickness. It was only bad on one day but the others have been manageable. When I say managemenble I mean thatat I have to work hard to mange it. I have to be very strategic with my nutrition and supplements.

I have to make sure I don’t get too hungry, being hungry sets off then nausea like crazy. I think that’s why it’s the worst in the morning – all night without eating so blood sugar is low when I wake up. After some trial and error I found that eating a small meal right before bed that included protein in it seems to help.

Protein isn’t an easy thing to get in right now. I’m having lots of food aversions including chocolate and coffee – weird. Actually sugar or anything sweet  in general is not appealing to me at all but I do want lots of fruit. Chicken is a big one I’m having trouble with. Actually most animal protein. I just don’t want big pieces of meat. Blah. The thing is I know I need it. It helps with the blood sugar and I want to maintain my lean muscle so I do my best to get it in.

Some of my strategies are including my fermented vegan protein powder and bars, cutting the chicken really small chunks and hiding it in my food. For example on top of my pizza or tossed my salad- if it’s cut up small enough I can deal. Sausages have also been ok. Spicy ones paticulary and with mustard. I’ve also added some non animal source protein in like hemp hearts and pumpkin seeds. Legumes maybe too if I can tolerate them digestion wise. Those plant proteins are good options but our bodies absorb animal protein best so I’m not excluding it.

The others things that are really helping with nausea are cold sparkling water – very cold with lemon good and ginger capsules. I take 1g with meals up to 3g a day. They help alot. I’m also using sea bands and increased vitamin b6/b complex. My prenatal is a high B containing one that helps with nausea, Most aren’t high enough in B vitamins, ironically most aren’t high enough in anything really – more on that later.

Anyway all in all I’m doing ok. I find I fatigue easily especially in the afternoon but I can still train. I’m lifting 3-4 days a weeks and walking everyday. I aim for 4 longer/faster walks (40min) a week and the others are more leisurely. I’m still working with Layne Norton and Bret Contras because I love having (excellent) coaches. We all need sounding boards and people keeping us accountable. Layne is still increasing my macros as we would with reverse dieting and I’m working hard to hit my daily totals even with all of the food aversions. I find tracking really helps be focus on what I need to eat for health, like what I need to eat not just what I want to eat – because this pregnant lady is hungry all the time but also can’t eat most things – bizarre hormonal side effects hahah.

Other than that I’m having crazy dreams (mostly about sex wth?) and my skin on my face back and chest is breaking out like crazy. My skin on my body is also super sensitive and sore almost, especially my upper arms and legs. My boobs are huge and sore although way less sensative than weeks 3, 4 and 5. I’m also feeling really fluffy, like watery and so bloated. I cannot suck my bloated belly in either.  I’m not eating any more than usual so it’s not exactly fat gain but I do think it’s increased hormones and baby stuff. Our blood volume increases too. I also think I’ll show early because if my distasis. Even though it’s healed a lot it’s still there, combine that with my bloat and the fact that I’m already at my highest bodyweight with this reverse diet and I’m going to be big! My sister said “let that belly hang girl”. No disguising it soon enough. Hahah.

Ok I think that’s it for this week. Oh I did get in with Ottawa Valley Midwives and they seem me at week 10. Otherwise I don’t have any tests until then so there’s bit of a wait in that department but I’ll keep you updated as we progress.


great workout
great workout