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Product Review: Simply Choices (Protein Bars & Chips)

Hey guys!

Wellness Foods contacted me to review some of their new Simply products. I received several different bars and snacks and have been testing them out so I can tell you about them.

They have 2 different types of bars: The Simply Bar & Simply Whey

In general I really like the concept behind both bars.

  • Each bar contains more protein and fiber than sugar.
  • The bars are gluten-free, dairy free, peanut free, vegan, kosher, and easy to digest.
  • Canadian, female owned and managed company
  •  Made in Canada.
  •  Made with only a handful of ingredients
  • Made will all natural ingredients

The Simply Bar:

The simply bar is non GMO soy based, around 150 calories with around 16grams protein, 15 grams carbs (1g sugar, 9 grams of fibre) and 4.5 grams of fat. The carbs come mostly from the natural sweetener used, brown rice syrup or maple syrup. The fat comes from mostly nuts and the protein is from the soy crisps.

Lots of nice flavour choices like cinnamon pecan, cocoa coffee, lemon coconut, caramel peanut, raspberry cocoa.

They launch a new limited edition flavor today to celebrate their 10 year anniversary and Canada day!
It’s been top secret! ( It was yum!)

I don’t typically recommend a lot of soy but this one is GMO free and can be a decent high protein choice for those who avoid whey.

Simply Whey

The Simply Whey Bar is formulated with whey crisps and the macros are around 150 calories, 15g protein, 18g carbs and 3 grams fat ( depending on the flavor). Fiber around 5grams and sugar around 4grams.

Fewer flavours then The Simply Bar but they are yummy ones like chocolate mint, and my favorite, coconut.  The texture of these is similar to a Rice Krispy square but with better flavour and way better nutrient profile.

I personally found the Simply Whey was easier to digest and more friendly on my belly then The Simply bar ( that makes be wonder if soy is an issue for me…hrmmm). They are light and airy and nothing added that makes my tummy cringe.


My favorite flavour!
My favorite flavour!

I ‘d say in general these are great options for anyone looking for an all natural protein bar with a good clearer/macro profile. Because of the carb and and protein both bars are a good choice for post workout. A solid option wit nice sweetness.

I’d love to see one with even lower carb and higher protein ratio but over all great as is.

Simply Protein Chips

These I have to tell you I was pleasantry surprised! These are tasty with a nice crunchy texture. Two flavors, Chili and Herbs. They are both tasty although I really liked the chili ones.

These are made with pea protein and potato as well organic canola oil, a little cane sugar and spices. The bag is about 140 calories, 15grams of protein, 11g carbs and 4g of fat.

Good protein, pretty low carb and very low fat especially if you having these instead of regular chips or crackers. Much better option.

Good stuff!

My favorite chip flavour!
My favorite flavour!

In general I would say these are all good options for people needing a tasty, gluten free, high protein on the go snack or for traveling. Also nice for when you have a sweet or salty craving and a good post workout treat.

So the next thing is who would like to try these products!?

I am doing a give away of a “Canadiana’ themed basket with all of these options for the first one of you guys who tells me in the comments below what the new flavour launched is.

(Two Hints: It’s on my instagram and twitter, it’s a Canadian themed flavour)

And go!

Give-away!!  Tell me below what the new flavour is
Tell me below what the new flavour is

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    1. Yay! You guys are awesome! Maple Pecan is the new Canadian inspired flavour launched on July 1st in celebration of Canada Day and Simply’s 10 year anniversary. Sylvie you won the basket!!

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