Protein {N}ice Cream – Mocha Almond Fudge

Ok, this takes the cake. Err I mean takes the ice cream ūüėČ

I came up with this recipe for a protein frosty type ice cream for several reasons and with several criteria to meet.

Essentially I love ice cream. I’m not having dairy at the moment so I love coconut milk Ice cream. The thing is I wanted a high protein low fat/low carb treat to enjoy while working with very low calories/macros. It needed to be dairy free, gluten free and optionally nut free as well as yummy and easy on my digestive system. I also wanted it to be nutritious and something I could have often not just on occasion when it fit.

The beauty of this is it makes a good amount and the macros for the whole thing 241Cal 33P/8C/8.7F. You can also totally adjust the quantities to suit your needs.

There are a few ingredients lists here that you might not have. I’ve included links to where you can get them and optional substitutes if you want. In terms of the blender, I used a blendtech on ice cream mode. You could try another high speed blender or even a food processor. You may need to run it a few times through to get it smooth enough but I think it would work. That said I can’t guarantee the results, share them if it works for you!

Here’s how I created this yummy treat:


  1. 30g (scoop) Genuine Health Vanilla Vegan Protein powder¬†UPDATE: Even better with the chocolate version! (any protein powder should work but some are better than others for texture and taste. Try a few. I used vegan because it’s dairy free and this one is easy to digest)
  2. 10g (1 scoop)  Vital Protein Collagen Peptides (optional but increase protein and add mega benefits plus adds to texture)
  3. 75ml cold or room temp coffee (I use decaf in the evening. You could use instant too just increase liquid content accordingly )
  4. 20 drops vanilla stevia (I used NuNaturals or fitbeauties brand both alcohol free but any will do)
  5. 1g (3/4 – 1 tsp) xantham gum (this is necessary for volume and thickness. You can choose to omit it but the texture will not be the same at all. Any health food store carries this)
  6. 120ml (half cup) coconut milk (I used carton or lite versions)
  7. 185g ice (about 8 ice standard cubes)
  8. 10g ( a squirt)¬†NuNaturals calorie free Chocolate sauce (this shiz is ah-mazing and I got it directly from NuNaturals in the link but you could sub regular chocolate sauce or something like Walden’s Farms or make your own, just note the calorie/macro change for different options). Add this to your mixture and then also use more as a topping.(Note can be omitted but again helps with final outcome)
  9. Topping Р10g (1 Tablespoon)  Vega savi seeds (or slivered almonds), and/or unsweetened shredded coconut


Add the protein, collagen, coffee, stevia and coconut milk and stevia chocolate sauce to your blender container. Blend on low until starting to thicken, about 10 seconds. Add in ice and blend on ‘ice cream mode’ (starts very low and then pulses fast for a shot time) until thick and creamy. If your blender gets stuck add a little more liquid and blend again. If your end result is too liquidy add more ice and blend again. Either way be careful not to over blend as the texture will change from ‘ice cream’ to mousse or pudding. ¬†can be a bit tricky to get it right but any way it comes out it’s still good!

Pour your ice cream into a bowl and top with chocolate sauce and Savi Seeds or nuts. You could also add coco whip! So yummy.

If you try this I’d love for you to hashtag #fitbeautiefood or @fitbeauties in your posts so I can see your creations!

fitbeauties mocha almond fudge protein nice cream

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