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On this website and blog you will find lots on information to help you learn about holistic health & beauty including training, nutrition, skin care and makeup tips. Lots of gluten free recipes, product reviews and recommendations. You will also finds loads of information for fitness and bikini competitors including prep and post show information.  Check out the blog for random thoughts, meal prep ideas and ongoing updates on my own fitness journey on and off the stage.

As a fully certified, outcome based nutrition coach and holistic nutritionist, metabolic specialized certified personal trainer and SAF Elite Pro fitness and bikini competitor and judge I live and breath fitness and nutrition. As an experienced aesthetician, makeup artist and the founder of fitbeauties (once known as bluntbeauty),  I’m truly passionate about helping women look and feel their best especially when dieting and preparing to step onstage. I love to teach and share my own fitness, nutrition and beauty secrets for on and off stage.

The fitbeauties approach to nutrition is based on balance, variety, moderation and taste all white satisfying your nutritional needs. How many of us have been told to live on a diet of chicken and sweet potato to get lean? Healthy food can be and is delicious and a balance of  fresh veggies, fruit, whole grains, fats and protein from different sources, all within moderation, is so important. My philosophy starts with holistic nutrition fundamentals and is blended with IIFYM techniques and Metabolic Effect protocols to manage your hunger cravings and energy allowing you to get lean and fit in a sustainable and maintainable way.  I don’t believe in extremes in nutrition.  No one food group is eliminated although you will notice all the recipes posted are gluten free and safe for celiacs (that’s not to say gluten is the enemy for everyone but it is for some). Being aware of what, when and how to eat in a way that allows you to thrive is crucial. While counting calories or macros can be a really important component of your progress when you have specific goals for your physique like preparing for a competition or race it isn’t necessary for everyone. Progress can be made and measured in many ways.

When it comes to training the approach is similar, moderation and fun is key. It’s best if you can enjoy your workout so let’s find something that works for you and at the same time fires up your metabolism in minimal amount of time. There are a variety of ways to effectively exercise and the key is finding something you will commit to AND gives you the results you want. This includes all types of training including weight training, metabolic circuit training , CrossFit, running, biking, swimming, yoga, Pilates etc etc.  My philosophy is although straight cardio is good for your heart health it is not the way to a fit and firm bod. Lift hard and heavy less often and you will find that your body will respond more quickly.

Healthy skin and overall beauty is another favorite fitbeauties topic. This site includes lots of tips and tricks from the perspective of a certified aesthetician, makeup artist, beauty coach and fitness competitor. Good quality skin care products that are not overpriced or over hyped are paramount. Eye cream is a scam and so is $70 cleanser. Mint and alcohol are not friendly to your skin so ditch it along with that harsh apricot scrub. Oh and beauty comes in all different shapes, styles, colours. It can be  found everywhere and mostly comes from within.

fitbeauties is about striving for optimum health, being beautifully healthy with a true balance of mind body & spirit. We want to look great but we also need to FEEL great. fitbeauties was born because I’ve been through the extremes ‘bro diet’ of show prep and the extreme rebound after competing, and I understand how important a life of balance is. I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge and discoveries with you, helping you find your own balance and coaching you in your personal health & beauty quest. If you want to know more about me go here. I am currently able to take on a limited amount of 1:1 online clients looking for wholebody holistic health and wellness coaching. Specifically if you are looking to improve your digestion, metabolism and over all health and fitness through slow and calculated improvements and you want to know more about working together and how to be a fitbeautie contact me here!

Any questions, comments and/or requests are welcome and don’t forget to find me on social media for everyday tips!

 fitbeauties radiate passion, strength, confidence and joy. You are genuine and influential women who are committed to living a holistically healthy, fit and balanced life. You are full of life and generously share your authentic and vibrant light always striving to love without limits.


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