Belly Butter (DIY Stretch Mark Cream)

I was on the hunt for a cream or oil for my growing baby belly. I wanted something thick and rich to keep my skin protected and moisturized. I wanted all natural ingredients, fragrance free and I needed it to be gluten free. The texture I was looking for was between oily and creamy. I found that the crew, just absorbed too much and the oil wasn’t thick enough to dry on all day plus it was messy.

After trying a few and either not liking the ingredients, the smell the texture or the price I just ended up creating my own!

The ingredients I choose are all great for the skin. Shea is nourishing, coconut oil is healing and almond is great for repair. Lavender is a gentle calming oil that helps soothe the skin and Frankincense is fantastic for healing wounds and regenerating skin (so ideal for stretch marks).

Here’s what you do.


  • 500g Raw Shea Butter ( I used this one from amazon)
  • 1/2 cup Coconut Oil
  • 1/2 cup Almond Oil (you could use olive oil instead)
  • Optional* 20-40 drops of pregnancy safe essential oils depending how strong smelling you like it – Lavender and Frankincense are good. I did 15 drops of each.


In a saucepan on low heat slowly melt the shea butter. Add the coconut oil and melt as well so they blend together. Remove from heat and add almond oil and essential oils (if you want them). Pour into 2 wide mouth 500ml glass jars and allow to cool on the counter until solid. I used  empty coconut manna jars.

You can place in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours to firm up more quickly just allow it to cool a bit first so you aren’t putting a hot jar in the there. If you use this right out of the fridge it’s harder but at room temp it has a great consistency. Store on your counter and use within 1 year.