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fitbeauties was originally called bluntbeauty. bluntbeauty was called such because it’s straight up, tell it like it is  honest beauty advice.
Can you handle it? 😉

I am armed with experience and known for my straight up, shoot from the hip, tell it like it is  honest opinions. After working in spas, salons, cosmetic counters, on location and in my own studio bluntbeauty was born. As a trained aesthetician & make up artist, fitness model/competitor, coach and the oldest sister of 4 girls, I am full of tips and tricks that I would love to share with you (actually feel the need to share with you).

UPDATE: I’m not currently offering these services but will have something to update you with soon.

Knowing how to apply make up properly is not something that comes naturally to most people then add make up for special events like stage or photo shoots and  you’ve got a whole new set of guidelines. With over a decade of experience in the beauty industry I can help you  find and frame your inner sexy and answer all your beauty questions! I specialize in teaching competitors how to do your own makeup for stage and photo-shoots and I offer in depth personalized 1 on 1 sessions tailored to your needs.

bluntbeauty services:

Honest beauty advice including:

  • Personal Make up Consultation and Application Training Sessions
  • One-on-One Makeup lessons
  • Makeup bag overhaul
  • DIY stage or photoshoot makeup tutorials
  • Personalized makeup selection

Here’s a blog post and another blog post I wrote about this topic too.

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