Setting Goals for 2014

As 2014 approaches I start to think about my goals. Past present and future. I look back on last year’s goals and I assess. I also think about where I’m at. You know like enjoy the moment kind of thoughts. I feel like I really did accomplish many of those goals and I feel great about the process of getting there (even though the journey was sometimes not quite as expected).

As I begin to map out the year ahead I turn to some of my mentors for guidance and direction. Something that really inspired me to reflect was a freaking fantastic video interview with Marie Forleo and Danielle Laporte about your setting your Core Values.

She talks about holistic goal setting. Goals that make you feel a certain way. The way you want to feel. She says “It’s not about the goal its about how you feel when you get there”. This is amazing. Think about it. So often we get stuck on the ‘I have to do it no matter what’ train that we forget to take notice of how we feel. This happens in all aspects of life  but I see it so often when it comes to fitness and body image. Some many of us say I’m going to loose that fat no matter what, I’m going to get on that stage no matter what, I’m going to cut blank (insert what ever perceived bad food you want) out of my diet, or even I’m going to stick to my diet no matter what. The thing is no matter what can be dangerous. It’s important to check in with how you are feeling during that journey. How is your body responding, how is your mind, how is your health, how is your soul? What is important? Why are you doing this?

In the video she outlines 3 steps

  1. Feel what feels good
  2. Recognize patterns
  3. Declaration of your core desired feelings

Here’s the video. It’s about 20minutes and so awesome.

You guys know I’m a fan of ‘the why’ and this hits home. Why are you setting those goals and how are they making you feel? Why do you want to feel like that? ( or do you?). We want to choose the feeling and the goal will come from that feeling. Why else?

So as the year wraps up and we look forward to new challenges, let’s plan our goals with soul. Let’s strive to understand and respect our Core Desired Feelings with each and every choice we make.

I need to look hard at my desired feelings before I can declare but I’m thinking that passion, abundance and vitality come to mind. Do you have your goals in mind? Do they align with your core desired feelings? What are they?

Happy goal setting Beauties!

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