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NYE 2016! Reflection and Intentions

I just re-read last year’s post about New Year’s and I feel so grateful. 2016 was good to me. Ultimately I wanted to start a family and as I’m writing this I’m 8 months pregnant and can feel baby girl moving around inside me. This is 2016’s biggest gift to me. I also had a… Continue reading NYE 2016! Reflection and Intentions

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NYE 2015! Reflection, Gratitude & Growth

Here we are, the end of 2015. Another year in the books. It’s so easy to set goals but before we do that let’s reflect. How do you feel? How was your year? What makes your year a good one? Some years I’ve felt really happy to be moving on. It felt like a fresh… Continue reading NYE 2015! Reflection, Gratitude & Growth

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Healthy Choices of 2013

2013 was an interesting year for me. My family went through some very stressful experiences. I dealt with an injury, stress, pain and loss and I had some very insightful personal moments along the way.  All of those experiences led me to some decisions to look at my health even more closely. At the beginning… Continue reading Healthy Choices of 2013


Setting Goals for 2014

As 2014 approaches I start to think about my goals. Past present and future. I look back on last year’s goals and I assess. I also think about where I’m at. You know like enjoy the moment kind of thoughts. I feel like I really did accomplish many of those goals and I feel great about… Continue reading Setting Goals for 2014