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What am I up to? :)

I really thought I’d be back to blogging more by now. It’s not that I don’t necessarily have time to blog it’s that I don’t have time of all of the things I have to get done, need to get done and want to get done. That’s not really all that different from life before… Continue reading What am I up to? 🙂


Peri and Postpartum Fitness – Let’s start talking about this.

As you guys know I worked out for the most part of my pregnancy. If you followed my journey on Instagram, you will already know that it was different than I had imagined. Going into it I thought I would continue to lift the way I was and had been for years. I had followed… Continue reading Peri and Postpartum Fitness – Let’s start talking about this.

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NYE 2016! Reflection and Intentions

I just re-read last year’s post about New Year’s and I feel so grateful. 2016 was good to me. Ultimately I wanted to start a family and as I’m writing this I’m 8 months pregnant and can feel baby girl moving around inside me. This is 2016’s biggest gift to me. I also had a… Continue reading NYE 2016! Reflection and Intentions

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30 Weeks Pregnant

30 weeks pregnant sounds really pregnant to me! Yeah, I also feel really pregnant these days! Haha. 30 weeks is also 7.5 months. Full term is considered 37-40 weeks meaning baby can be safely born at that stage although but most first time moms go into labor closer to 41 weeks. Not always though, that’s… Continue reading 30 Weeks Pregnant

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29 Weeks Pregnant

This week was better than last week in terms of how I was feeling overall. I seem to have gotten the reflux/heartburn under control and the back pain is lessened a bit too. Baby Garcia is moving often and her movements are much stronger. She’s about the size of a cabbage (think folded in fetal… Continue reading 29 Weeks Pregnant


Meal Prep Nov 20th 2016

So last week’s vegetarian protein heavy meals didn’t work well for my digestion. At least I’m pretty sure that was the problem. That’s the second time I tried to rely more on plant-based protein for most meals and really didn’t feel great. Looks like as much as I’d like to cut back on the animal… Continue reading Meal Prep Nov 20th 2016


26 Weeks Pregnant

Baby G opens her eyes in the womb this week! Not much to look at really but still pretty cool. She’s got hair and eyelashes and I bet she is beautiful ( I may be biased. heheh) : ) My app tells me she’s the size of a head of lettuce or Kale (say what!?).… Continue reading 26 Weeks Pregnant

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20 Weeks Pregnant. Halfway Mark!

Holy cow this week hit me like WHOA! Halfway done baking this babe. This week was a trigger for me to get Sh!t done. The last few weeks have been about baby being healthy and pregnancy going well. I was dealing with morning (all day) sickness and then a cold. I was resting a lot… Continue reading 20 Weeks Pregnant. Halfway Mark!


19 Weeks Pregnant

Baby is the size of a large mango! Aww how cute. Hahah. She’s about 15 cm (6 inches) and 240 grams (8 oz). I feel like whoa mamma she’s growing 🙂 She’s also working on her sight, smell, taste and hearing and she’s also now covered in vernix (that white greasy stuff all over baby… Continue reading 19 Weeks Pregnant

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Baby Garcia – Girl or Boy? + Giveaway for Pinkblush Maternity!

We found out what we are having this week! A Girl! Baby Garcia is a girl! So fun! We are both very happy and really would have been happy either way. Juan thought it was going to be a boy so he was pretty surprised and I had originally thought a girl but because he… Continue reading Baby Garcia – Girl or Boy? + Giveaway for Pinkblush Maternity!

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15 Weeks Pregnant

Well my last post was all about how great I was feeling. I had an awesome workout last weekend and was feeling full of energy then boom Monday. I got the worst headache I’ve probably every had. Brutal! It could be described as a cluster migraine headache and lasted from Monday until Wednesday night. The… Continue reading 15 Weeks Pregnant

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Meal Prep August 21st 2016

We had a Serious About Fitness Camp today so this meal prep was done in high speed mode this morning. I did it all in the oven at the same time to save time. I made one of my fav ‘winter’ meals. It’s my gingered curried sweet potato shepherd’s pie and it’s yum. I say… Continue reading Meal Prep August 21st 2016

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13 weeks pregnant

2nd trimester baby! Oh yeah! My app says I’ve got little peach in there this week. Growing everyday! Actually I was all excited last week feeling good and thinking the worst was over and then this week came and it was rough! I had all day nausea most of this week plus daily headaches. So… Continue reading 13 weeks pregnant

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11 weeks pregnant

My baby is the size of a lime! Whaaaat?! Ha! That seems big to me in my little belly, especially when it was just poppy seed size not that many weeks ago. My app also tells me my uterus is the size of a grapefruit so big things happening in there I tell ya! 😉 My… Continue reading 11 weeks pregnant

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Meal Prep August 1st 2016

I like to meal prep in the late afternoon on Sundays (or holiday Mondays 🙂 ) so that I make dinner at the same time. This saves me from having to cook and clean the kitchen more than necessary. The cleaning part is not my favourite and my hubby would say not my forte either… Continue reading Meal Prep August 1st 2016

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10 weeks pregnant update!

10 weeks preggie! Juan and I are both getting really excited. We had a fun week with appointments including our first ultrasound and we got to see baby Garcia dancing around in there. Pretty damn amazing. Baby is about the size of a cherry this week and the ultrasound said 2.5cm long. Heart rate was… Continue reading 10 weeks pregnant update!

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6 weeks Pregnant

I hit 6 weeks this past Thursday!  This somewhat of a tiny milestone in that it’s halfway through my 1st trimester. Miscarriage is still common at this point but I’m staying positive and praying for a healthy happy pregnancy and baby. Um that’s crazy, I find it such a crazy thing to say that I’m… Continue reading 6 weeks Pregnant

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2016 Goals – Check In

A couple of days ago a member at GoodLife approached me and said’ you must be really proud of all the strength and flexibility you have built come here to the gym’. He is s sweet older gentleman (maybe in his late 60s?) that I see there every morning. He’s consistent and so am I… Continue reading 2016 Goals – Check In

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Meal Prep January 24th 2016

I bought a whack of sweet potatoes and yams this weekend. I couldn’t resist the beautiful variety of kinds at Whole Foods so I stocked up. Garnet, Jewel, White and Japanese  (also like Caribbean sweet potato) with the white flesh and red/purple skin. They are a little more starchy and firm than the orange sweet… Continue reading Meal Prep January 24th 2016

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Meal Prep Nov 15th 2015

Happy Saturday beauties! I’m cooking this afternoon because I’m busy with my sister’s birthday party tomorrow. Actually next weekend I’ll have to do the same because I’ll be in Montreal judging the Physique Canada show. I’m now 4 weeks into my reverse diet and happily enjoying more food. Funny enough my weight has dropped which… Continue reading Meal Prep Nov 15th 2015