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2016 Goals – Check In

A couple of days ago a member at GoodLife approached me and said’ you must be really proud of all the strength and flexibility you have built come here to the gym’. He is s sweet older gentleman (maybe in his late 60s?) that I see there every morning. He’s consistent and so am I… Continue reading 2016 Goals – Check In

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All About The New Landsdowne GoodLife

As a Brand Ambassador for GoodLife Fitness I was invited to the unveiling of the new GoodLife location yesterday – it’s so pretty! It’s in the new TD complex with the entrance being close to Bank street and across from Whole Foods. It’s really large and the layout is basically a long rectangle. Cardio machines… Continue reading All About The New Landsdowne GoodLife

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Are You Listening to Your Body?

If you’ve been following my blog and media posts you’d ll know if been suffering with some digestive distress.  It’s been about 6 months now with the worst of it in June. With having celiac I’m no stranger to digestion issues but I’ve had them under control for over 10 years now.  Something I did… Continue reading Are You Listening to Your Body?

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Spotlight on fitbeauties: ExerSusie

fitbeauties radiate passion, strength, confidence and joy. You are genuine and influential women who are committed to living a holistically healthy, fit and balanced life. You are full of life and generously share your authentic and vibrant light always striving to love without limits. Susie is most definitely a fitbeautie. She is one of the… Continue reading Spotlight on fitbeauties: ExerSusie

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Healthy Choices of 2013

2013 was an interesting year for me. My family went through some very stressful experiences. I dealt with an injury, stress, pain and loss and I had some very insightful personal moments along the way.  All of those experiences led me to some decisions to look at my health even more closely. At the beginning… Continue reading Healthy Choices of 2013

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So You Want to Get Fit Fast?

A few of you beautiful people sometimes ask me how can you get fit quickly. How can you drop 5 pounds fast. How can you build a booty to-die-for or awesome abs in time for your trip. The thing is there really is no quick fix. No magic cleanse, pill, cardio, exercise, diet or even surgery.… Continue reading So You Want to Get Fit Fast?

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I’m finally seeing some of the work I put in this year and I’m feeling excited about it! Building a physique is a process and takes time. There are many obstacles that can get in our way and really the only way to make progress is just be consistent.  Consistently working hard in the gym… Continue reading Progress…Patience…


Wow I need to share this workout with you!!

  It was a leg/booty day this morning and I had an awesome workout. I’m already feeling it! Most of it was done in superset format with exercises back to back and VERY  little rest. The whole workout took a good 1 hour. Keep in mind it’s a fairly advance workout so if you are… Continue reading Wow I need to share this workout with you!!

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Muscle Building Time!

I’m currently trying to put on some muscle. This isn’t as easy as one might think. My main building goal is my shoulders. I want nice round shoulders dammit! I want them! I’m also working hard on my hamstrings and booty cause I just love a nice round apple bum. Plus in addition I’m woking… Continue reading Muscle Building Time!

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What’s in my gym bag

Ok so now that my fitness goals are clear I need to make sure I’m organized! That includes my gym bag. My favorite time to train is first thing in the morning when I have the most energy and am the strongest. It gives me tones of energy for the rest of the day, I … Continue reading What’s in my gym bag