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How Train Smarter, Not Longer & Burn More Fat

Most of the time we think we need to spend more time in the gym and eat less (diet) to see results but that’s not necessarily true. One of my personal training certifications is around creating the metabolic effect. The hormonal impact and after burn from efforts that carries on past your workout and keeps… Continue reading How Train Smarter, Not Longer & Burn More Fat

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Product Review: SuperDry Sportswear

One of the things I  love about what I do is getting to try products and services. I like to try new things and you can be sure I’ll always offer an honest review. A company called SuperDry contacted me to try out their sportswear line. They are an online shop and they ship anywhere… Continue reading Product Review: SuperDry Sportswear

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5 Ways to Workout While Traveling

I’m a creature of habit, I like my schedule and routine. I also really enjoy my daily exercise. One of the things I’ve had to learn over the years was how to stay consistent with my training and nutrition while travelling. Some trips are easier than others to do so and that can depend on… Continue reading 5 Ways to Workout While Traveling


Bench Canada – Review + 45% off!!

This month I made it to the Bench store at St. Laurent! Such a great team there who were all so helpful. There was an awesome 30% off sales going on and I got some great items.  If you sign up on their website for emails you will get notifications of these promos. There is… Continue reading Bench Canada – Review + 45% off!!

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Balance: Lost & Found

Balance in life in something I cherish. It allows me freedom to be present and enjoy the moment. It helps me stay focused on my priorities and committed to my goals but with flexibility in my methods. There is peace that come with that balance and with that peace comes long term success and sustainable,… Continue reading Balance: Lost & Found

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Spotlight on fitbeauties: ExerSusie

fitbeauties radiate passion, strength, confidence and joy. You are genuine and influential women who are committed to living a holistically healthy, fit and balanced life. You are full of life and generously share your authentic and vibrant light always striving to love without limits. Susie is most definitely a fitbeautie. She is one of the… Continue reading Spotlight on fitbeauties: ExerSusie

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I’m finally seeing some of the work I put in this year and I’m feeling excited about it! Building a physique is a process and takes time. There are many obstacles that can get in our way and really the only way to make progress is just be consistent.  Consistently working hard in the gym… Continue reading Progress…Patience…

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Trying Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) for a shoulder injury!

So I’ve been dealing with the shoulder/neck pain injury since February and although the acute pain of having my rib and clavicle out-of-place has been alleviated by my chiropractor I’m still suffering from chronic nagging pain every day. I’m also experiencing sharp, shooting pains that seem related to stressful situations. Plus I feel that my… Continue reading Trying Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) for a shoulder injury!


Wow I need to share this workout with you!!

  It was a leg/booty day this morning and I had an awesome workout. I’m already feeling it! Most of it was done in superset format with exercises back to back and VERY  little rest. The whole workout took a good 1 hour. Keep in mind it’s a fairly advance workout so if you are… Continue reading Wow I need to share this workout with you!!