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The Truth About Being Fit

Being fit doesn’t just happen. It’s a result of daily choices. Choosing to do a workout, choosing not to eat an extra spoonful of almond butter, choosing water over wine, choosing to get a good night’s rest, choosing to listen to your body when it needs a break. All of these choices add up and are what give you results. Once you get those results you have to work to keep them. It’s not like once you get fit you can relax. Yes, there is slightly different aspect to it where you are working in a maintenance phase rather than fat loss phase and maybe that means you can be a little more flexible with your nutrition and/or training depending on your size and body type, but the choices are still there every day. You still have to choose to get your ass to the gym, you still have to choose to find intensity and motivation and to sweat everyday. You still have to choose healthy food and eat the right amount.

Genetically I’m not naturally very fit, lean or muscular. My body like to be a little soft and would love to sit at about 5-10lbs more then I like and I can easily gain 20lbs if I’m not careful. I’ve worked very hard to improve my fitness, body composition and shape and I continue to do so everyday. People often say oh well you are little, you workout, you can afford to eat this or you don’t need to train so hard but the truth is of course I do. Just because I’m fit right now doesn’t mean I can’t easily lose everything I worked for. I know, I’ve been there. I’ve gained 15-30lbs and had to lose it several times in my life and it’s not effign easy. Sure I’m born a small person, I’m barely 5 ft tall and currently weigh around 110lbs give or take a couple but that weight can easily fluctuate.  I will tell you genetically my booty isn’t round or high, it’s actually long, kinda wide and pretty flat but where I store fat, my legs are short and thick, my shoulders and back are wide but scrawny making me really dis proportioned. I have cellulite on my legs and butt and stretch marks on my hips. I do have a naturally small waist and used to have abs easily but once I hit my 30’s it’s been more work to keep my belly lean. My legs gain muscle easily but my upper body struggles. For me to see changes and  improvements I have to lift weights, squat heavy, train hard and sweat. I have to eat tight within my calorie range every day. I have to work for it.

Madelaine Garcia

So often people assume that because someone is  fit and healthy at the moment they see them that it’s easy or that it’s genetic and that they don’t have the same struggles to build muscle and  lose fat. Or they say she’s already fit what more is there to do? Or they assume they have a secret method or fast metabolism and can eat whatever they want or whatever else.  It doesn’t work like that. It’s always work whether you are getting there, maintaining it or improving. It’s work to plan and prepare your food and choose healthy options over quick fast food. It’s work to find time to sweat and then you actually have to do the work and sweat. It comes down to what you want. Sitting on the couch with a glass of wine complaining about wanting to loose weight won’t get you there. What do you want? Work for it.

Once of the reasons I love to do photos shoots is to have a record of the work I’ve put in.  It’s sometimes hard to see yourself and your improvements when you look in the mirror everyday but being in front of the camera really captures it for you. It really tells all. Even just taking progress photos is important. It will really help you to look back at your progress when you feel like you aren’t seeing the changes you want. As you guys know I just did a series of photo shoots last month and I’m really proud of some of the changes I’ve made over the last year (or several even). I’ve seriously worked hard. I also worked smart. Training and minding my nutrition in a metabolically supportive, maintainable, sustainable and healthy way. The results come from solid (and delicious) nutrition and training including lots of calories (including carbs), heavy weights and minimal but intense cardio.  I look at the photos and I’m not my leanest or most defined and I can clearly see the areas I want to work on and improve going forward, but I can also feel a sense of accomplishment in knowing my hard work is working, my booty is rounder and higher, the curve of hamstrings has really improved, my shoulders have gained some size and shape. Best of all those photos are an actuate documentation of me and not just a stage ready body that was the result of ‘peak week’ or diuretics or fat burners or endless unsustainable hours in the gym that I then look back on and only wish for the next time.

April 2014 Madelaine Garcia

Evey year that you are committed to consistency you will see results and improvement in both your physical appearance and your overall health. Your health and fitness journey is ongoing, a part of life. It becomes a lifestyle and that has natural ebbs and flows. Motivation comes and goes but it’s about consistency and commitment to healthy life choices.

Even though we all can find things we want to improve it’s also important to enjoy the body you are in, accept it, love it even. It’s not only about the outward appearance, it’s about inner health and feeling strong in mind, body and soul. Know the areas you want to improve but also love where you are at in health journey because it’s just that. A journey. Not a destination.

Now get that booty moving!!


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4 thoughts on “The Truth About Being Fit

  1. I absolutely love this! Really needed to hear this. You have the choice every day it’s not a quick fix at all. But society seems to make it seem like it is. There are fad diets everywhere as well as exercise programs that can be unrealistic to sustain. Its the collection of healthy choices you make as a whole each day.. My weight as well has fluctuated, I am an Italian girl that is definitely not naturally lean … I have to work really hard or my body weight would love to sit 5-10 lbs heavier as well! It’s definitely not easy.. My motivation goes through ups and downs.. But you’re right you must stay consistent! That’s what matters most. And in the end it’s so important to love yourself now.. Just as you are even if you aren’t completely satisfied with your body. That is what will make the journey more rewarding and easier, when you love yourself. We are not perfect, our health is a journey and with that means there will be bumps along the way. Striving for perfection is not the answer! Striving for balance, exercise smart and nurturing our bodies mind and souls is the way to go!

  2. You are right! It is all about making right choices and doing the right thing.. We may annoy someone because they are living a healthy life but mostly it is our fault. We are not doing the right things..

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment Jenny! What do you mean ‘not doing the right things?’ Tell me more! 🙂

      1. I mean if I am just lazy enough to do the morning exercise and my slim friend goes for the exercise then instead of getting jealous I should do exercise.

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