truLOCAL – local, antibiotic and hormone free meat delivered – Review and Coupon Code

I’ve been posting a lot about truLOCAL on my Instagram so you might already know how I feel but here are all the details!

In general I have had a tough time finding meat and fish that I’m happy with in terms of sourcing, quality, taste etc. I like to good quality cuts, I like to buy local when I can and I prefer to buy no antibiotics and no added hormones.

Being a new mom, especially early days postpartum, I had a really really tough time getting to the grocery store let alone several stops to get everything from different vendors. Over the last 8+ months I’ve really tried to streamline my shopping and spend that precious time doing other things.


I started searching for grocery delivery and also for antibiotic/hormone free local meat. I found this little gem of a company and I’m super happy about it! truLOCAL checks all the boxes for me. Super delicious, local, great quality meat, fish and poultry, delivered! The product quality is so, so solid and it’s coming from local farms and with amazing service. Combine that with the ease of having it fedEXed to my door and super I’m happy.

Essentially the way is works is you sign up for a monthly subscription and your meat, fish and poultry options are delivered to your door. They come on dry ice so everything stays frozen even if you aren’t home to get it right away. Everything is single portion packaged and frozen. I really like the single serve. It thaws really quickly and the packaging makes things easy for storage and use. The box it arrives in is recyclable and the dry ice just evaporates. Easy peasy.

You set up an online portal and you can adjust what you want to order each month or just keep it the same. I like to modify my order every month. There are lots of options in terms of product and cuts and there seems to be new products added often. Whole chickens and roasts are now available! Great selection overall.

Customer service is also really great! You can even indicate you like fattier or leaner cuts if you want and they will hand select them for you.

So far I’ve had the chicken breasts. Both with bone and boneless. Whole chickens, sirloin steaks, wild cod and wild salmon, bacon and ground beef and chicken. All really really good taste and quality. Like really, really good.

I love the Cod for fish tacos – I’ll post a delicious recipe for you. I love the salmon because wild salmon is just amazing for you and delicious. Evie loves it too. I love the sirloin steaks and so does my very picky Argentine hubby, he says best ever.  The bacon and sausages get my hubby’s vote too. I love the ground beef for burgers. The ground chicken and turkey is the best I’ve had. The chicken breasts are perfect too. The bone in breasts are great on the BBQ. Honestly it’s all really good!

In terms of price it is based on your box choice. The bigger box is a better value if you break it down it’s in line with typical grocery store hormone free purchases but you are supporting local farmers, getting higher quality and delivery as well as single serving packaging convenience. I also like that you don’t need to have an extra freezer or keep your entire order for the year.

You can set delivery for every 6 weeks or less. You can skip months or even just order once and cancel. There are no obligations and you can cancel or pause anytime. I’ve been ordering the big box every other month or maybe 6 weeks. I build the box to fit my (mat leave) budget and our taste preferences. For example, ground meat goes a long way, the strip-loin steaks are big portions so we typically share those and I can get about 6 meals out of the whole chicken if I use the bones for broth too.

They also now have holiday boxes that you can get which are one time boxes and a great option for trying or gifting!

I love no added hormones, no antibiotics. I also love that it’s all mostly locally sourced. truLOCAL has set up relationships with select farmers so they always know what they are getting and from who. I feel good about buying and recommending.

When you sign up you can use my coupon code for free products. Once you have an account you will then get your own coupon code to use and share. I don’t buy much other meat but rather fill our meals with other plant based protein sources, local eggs and a good quality protein supplement.

Here’s my code: 8Y7WFJXC2RK9

Go to and have a look!